Dazzle Dry Polish Review
8.5Overall Score
Ease of Application / Removal9.5
Quick Drying10
Longevity - Regular Colors10
Longevity - shimmer colors3
Nail Damage After Use9

So I’ve struggled my entire life with my nails.  They’re crappy.  They are super flimsy, chip easily and actually tear REALLY easily.  I’ve tried supplements…nothing works.  It’s just the way my nails are (and unfortunately my daughter looks to have inherited.  Polish lasts a day…at best (because my nails bend as easily as a zip lock baggie…the polish just chips right off the top).  Press ons and acrylics destroy my nails in one use, even if removed correctly…my nails just get thinner and more damaged.  Even nail stickers damage my nails to the point that I can’t use my fingers safely without them ripping.  So I keep my nails very short at all times.

I’m also at the barn a lot…in the dirt.  Grooming and cleaning tack does a number on them.  So does doing the dishes at home…or just cleaning up the house.  I’ve tried it all.  I’d long ago given up on my nails looking decent…however occasionally you need to look perfectly put together (and some of us need this more often than not because of jobs), so it’s a continual struggle.   Then my friend recommended Dazzle Dry.  She said it would last her two weeks without chipping…so I said…”Game on!” and placed an order.

Dazzle Dry Polish Review

1 day after application

First I should mention that the color choices are not bad, but there’s also a LOT of them sold out at any given time.  This stuff is also expensive (though there are occasional sales).  Not everyone can afford it I’m sure…however it’s certainly no more expensive than going to a salon.  I started with two colors and the base kit…however after my first week using it…I ordered several more colors.  More on that in a second!

The process also seems a little time consuming with so many steps…but this stuff also dries LIGHTNING fast.  Like…completely dry.  I’ve always had issues with patience waiting for nails to dry and this…no problem.  I’m back doing something productive in no time!  So while it seems complicated, it really is much faster IMO than applying regular polish.

Dazzle Dry Polish Review

Shimmers suck – less than 1 day after application and chipping.

What about longevity?  Well the shimmery polish was crap…let me tell you.  Super pretty color but it chipped within 24 hours (it’s still better than a lot of polishes…I was just disappointed that it didn’t perform like the regular finish colors did).  I only bought one of these thank goodness… So…why am I reviewing this well?

The regular finish polish is the bomb.  I’m telling you…you’ll be amazed.  I was.  I can’t get polish to go unchipped for 24 hours…sometimes even a few hours.  This stuff started to show some wear after a week of heavy barn life.  I mean… I really went after it with my nails to see how it held up and wow…still looking more than presentable…especially if you’re not all up in my nails business like this photo.

Dazzle Dry Polish Review

A week later!

Sure, there’s some chipping at the tips…but you have to understand…this is the longest I’ve gotten polish to last in my life that wasn’t on acrylics or gels (which I just can’t use regularly).  I’m more than impressed.  I am completely sold!   There was no staining on my nails and I only started to see some damage to my nails after a full month of using Dazzle Dry non stop.   It’s also easy to take off with nail polish…so no crazy soaking required like gel.

If you’re looking for polish that will hold up to heavy work and hard wear on hands…give Dazzle Dry a try!  I know I’m never going back to regular polish again.  I think the value is excellent for the regular colors (not the shimmers) as the required amount of re-application is significantly lower than regular polish and warrants the higher price IMO.