Cavali Club Fall 2021 Review

Cavali Club Fall 2021 Review

Box Curation
Quality of Items
Value of Box
Usefulness of Products/Product Desirability
Excitement Level

Please Note:  I can no longer recommend the Cavali Club subscription box based on what owner brand Corro has recently done to it.  Past boxes were wonderful, but be aware it’s not the same as it once was (I can’t vouch for customer service, quality or uniqueness of products, or timely shipping).

It’s that time again! I’m one of the last ones to get my box every quarter (funny that), so many of you already have this box.  There are some still left, so if you’re interested head over to Cavali Club and order your fall box!

This month had a whole bunch of goodies including some things I would actually spend money on, so I was happy to not hit the skip button!  Plus it’s fall…and I love fall stuff and the beautiful box design is going to be hanging around my house storing something!

What’s Inside

Foxy Stationary Set from Mare Modern goods – $15
Airsupport Polo Wraps from Anatomeq – $45
Acacia Equestrian Salad Servers from Gable Home – $35
Happy Pops Frozen Treat – $2
Kelcie’s Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats $9.99
Horse Crazy – book by Sarah Maslin Nir – $17
Betty’s Best Skin & Coat Grooming Cloths – $11.99
Heart Horse Gear and RingSide Pro coupons
Total retail value – $135.98

Cavali Club Fall 2021 Review

My first thoughts on seeing this box curation was pure excitement.  This looked to be one of the best boxes yet IMO.  There were a number of very useful items included as well as a couple of exciting items.  I loved the design of the box from Mare Modern Goods with the beautiful fall color scheme and horse, hound and fox design.  The items seemed thoughtfully put together to make a cohesive well rounded box.  Not too much horse, not too much rider, not too much home.  And seeing as I would have regularly purchased a few of these items myself and the nice extra things, it was 100% worth the $59.  It’s not the highest value box ever…but I will say that my favorite two boxes I’ve gotten have been lower retail value…for what it’s worth.  Retail value isn’t everything.  But I will note that unlike some previous boxes, I do think the retail value of the items in this box are accurate for the items.  Nothing made me go…nah…that’s not worth that.  Each item was worth at least the retail value, if not a little more.  So that always makes me happy.  Would I have paid $10 for each of the 6 main items?  Absolutely…so therefore the value is there for me.

Cavali Club Fall 2021 Review

Individual Item Thoughts

Stationary Set – OMG this is cute.  Do I need it…probably not…though I do send a lot of notes in the mail to people so having this is nice and they will be used.  The quality of the paper and printing are up a notch from the last time we got stationary in our boxes, so that’s appreciated.  This is a really nice set and I would for sure pay the $15 for this retail.  Happy to have them.  Nice bonus.

Airsupport Polo Wraps – Undecided on what to do with these.  Funny the highest value item is the item I’m least interested in.  Funny how that works.  They are super nice.  Nice quality and look like a brilliant design, but I rarely use polo wraps and even more rarely use black ones as a DQ.  Also only having two is awkward as I usually wrap all…or none.  It would have been really nice to get a full set of 4…or a coupon code for a discount off another set…but oh well.  I may sell these, I may gift these, or I might buy another pair.  Uncertain.  They are a VERY nice pair of polo wraps though and if you wrap regularly, these are a killer item in the box.

Acacia Salad Servers –  Yup.  I was most excited about these.  Ha.  Still am! I love my serving board from last year and these are beautiful to add to my collection.  Once these babies are oiled up they’re going to be happily added into my entertaining kit.  These are so nice.  Excited to see what beautiful housewares item Carly comes up with next!  I do think maybe the retail value is actually marked a little low on these and I’d pay a little more for them.

Happy Pops Frozen Treat – there was a coupon for this in summer’s box and I think I ignored it…but man this is a clever little treat item.  Looking forward to the next hot day to give this to Jax.  Fun nice little bonus item.  Would I have bought it, probably not…but fun to try.

Kelcie’s Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats – I was going to order a big bag of these from Corro…because they sound delicious, but now I can see if Jax likes them first.  Happy to have these!  Nice addition to the box and Jax will be happy to get two delicious things this month.

Horse Crazy by Sarah Maslin Nir – This item I was the second most excited about. I’m a big reader…so to get a horse book in a subscription box is awesome!  In fact, I really like this idea and would love to see this happen more.  I would have bought this on Amazon if I’d know about it prior to seeing it in the box.

Betty’s Best Skin & Coat Grooming Cloths – I already use these regularly so getting and extra pack is fantastic!

Going back to value again, between this and the cookies and the salad servers…that’s the value of the box and the other stuff was free.   I mean…I would have bought all 3 of these in a Corro order (assuming the salad servers end up there eventually)…so yeah…  Great box again.  I’m SO looking forward to the winter one…as I have heard some rumors of a teapot or something…which is just SO my style.