Lume Deodorant Review

Lume Deodorant Review

Ease of Use

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So I’m stinky.  Seriously…I mean…if you’re outside working in the sun, riding horses, grooming, digging in the dirt, running, walking, chasing children, chasing dogs, mowing the lawn, going grocery shopping, having a stressful Zoom call…you’re probably stinky too.  When I get home from the barn my husband doesn’t let me linger, he says “You stink!  Go shower now please!”  Now…what I’m talking about here won’t get rid of that horse smell, but the sweaty person smell…well…

I’ve been an antiperspirant person my whole life.  Whole life.  The idea of sweaty armpits makes me go…”ewwww” but of course I fell for the commercials on Youtube for Lume and needed to try it.

So first off I should mention why I was giving this a try.  Three reasons.

1.  Regular deodorant/antiperspirants I still get stinky wearing anyways and I applied this stuff twice a day.  Yup.  They may keep me from sweating, but my pits still smell after a long day at the barn anyways.

2.  I wanted to use less potentially problem causing ingredients applied to my body.

3.  Honestly…they give me a rash…or make my armpits itch…A LOT.  I think my body had just had enough of aluminum.  I was struggling to not scratch the heck out of them daily no matter what brand or scent/not scent I tried.

So I broke down and bought the tube and the regular deodorant style container to try out.  Personally I prefer the deodorant style applicator for my underarms…but having the tube sure does work when on my feet!

I am now on my 3rd deodorant stick (and still the first tube).  So…that goes to show you that I’ve given it a good try.

First off, I don’t love getting stuff on my hands to rub in my armpits so the tube I only really use on my feet (it can also be used on your private bits if you like).  I find that if I am going to wear sandals or flats or shoes without socks…this stuff is fantastic for preventing that foot stank.  Yay!

And for the dreaded pit stank?  Well this stuff works pretty well for me!  Now I don’t know where they get 72 hour odor control…(maybe if you literally sit around on a computer all day), but I usually only apply this once a day…maybe every two days when I’m not out at the barn.  I only apply it when I get out of the shower and when I notice I might be a little smelly.   I am actually less stinky than I was with the regular old antiperspirant! Wowza.  If I apply this after shaving my arms…it does burn a bit…I will say…but my skin is ultra sensitive and I can’t put anything on after I shave that doesn’t burn unless it’s straight up olive oil.

Now getting used to actually sweating is another thing entirely but I’m getting there.

Now price on this is where it fails a little.  It isn’t cheap!  It’s much more expensive than most regular deodorants and also antiperspirants on the market…even the clinical ones.   If you buy it in a “pack” you can save some money (and that’s what I’ve started doing), but it’s certainly not cheap.  I have used two deodorant sticks since the beginning of April (and just started a 3rd yesterday).  That’s slightly over two months for each deodorant which is somewhere between $6 and $7.50 a month depending on if you buy a pack. That’s a little pricey…but it works.  I was probably going through a regular deodorant faster than that, so that might actually not be much price difference at all when I think about it.  I’m not going back to the old stuff to test it to find out.  Sorry!  I’m not going back!  Lume is here to stay!

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