SSG Hybrid Glove Review
9Overall Score
Quality/Durability 9
Ease of Cleaning5
Touch Screen Friendly10

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So I’ve been on the search for a pair of riding gloves I actually love for years and YEARS.  I mean…I’ve tried a lot of brands…SSG, Roeckl, Nobel, Horseware, Heritage, Haukeschmidt… sure there’s a couple of brands missed…but not many.  The gloves are either too hot, too slippery, fall apart quickly, have uncomfortable seams, look ugly, not warm enough in cooler weather, touch screen fabric is dodgy (or non existent), too expensive for quality, just crappy quality…it goes on and on and on.  I have had the hardest time finding gloves I love.

Now I have a few pair of Roeckl I’ve enjoyed riding in…but they fall apart so fast I might as well burn money.   Most of the other brands and styles are just no go for me…and recently I found the SSG Hybrid Glove…and I’m in love.

SSG Hybrid Glove Review

They are pretty as can be (I have some black ones and some brown ones) and look great while riding.  Pretty enough to show, but comfortable enough for schooling.  The touch screen friendly fabric isn’t dodgy at all and works well.  There’s plenty of grip on the reins.  I love the stretchy soft leather for feeling like I’m wearing nothing at all.  They are super comfortable.  These gloves don’t get in my way like so many do…

They work in the cooler weather.  They work in the hot weather (no swamp hands here!).  I’ve managed to not wear holes in them…even though I wear the heck out of them!  I’m really quite happy with these gloves and they are my favorite pair out of dozens…I should just start tossing some old ones.

SSG Hybrid Glove Review

Seriously…the only thing wrong with them (and it’s one of the things that make them very comfortable) is that they have as super thin/fine leather on them…so they are a pain to wash.  Unfortunately I’ve not been able to figure out how to wash them to keep them like new, so I just avoid washing them and spray them with helmet deodorizer instead…gross I know.  But you gotta do what you gotta do.

The price on them is good to.  They retail for around $40…but you can get them for less than that in several places.  For that price point…they’re excellent.  And they perform and hold up better than gloves I’ve bought that cost a good deal more than that.

If you’re a princess in the pea about gloves like I am…have a go at a pair of these and let em know what you think!  I am in love with mine (as you can tell from this review)!