La Femme Essential Riding top from Dapplebay x WIT Review
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I know I know…what am I doing reviewing a limited edition sold out shirt…well…just in case she brings it back…or the next time you see one of these Essential Riding Tops from Dapplebay and you think “will I like that?” you can check out this review.  This particular design is the La Femme Essential Riding top from Dapplebay x WIT.  I know…I’m sorry it’s sold out.

La Femme Essential Riding top from Dapplebay x WIT Review

First off I want to mention how beautiful I think this design is.  I love floral prints.  I love black and white.  I love drawing prints.  I mean you can check out my C4 Belt design from a couple years ago and see that this one is right up my alley.  I love the design.  I loved the other two as well, but this one is my favorite of the three florals.  The design was done in collaboration with WIT Equestrian.

The shirt quality is very nice.  It’s comfortable even when it’s hot outside.  Great for riding in.  Great for hanging around in.  Great for doing errands.  The fit is great and I think the sizing is spot on.

La Femme Essential Riding top from Dapplebay x WIT Review

I was worried about the white…I will say.  But so far it has washed clean of dirt.  I have stain treated spots on it before washing just to make sure, but it’s washed out each time.  So that’s wonderful.  I hope that it keeps doing that!

I think the value of this shirt is great.  Good price for a very nice shirt quality and pretty design.  I have no complaints about this shirt.

La Femme Essential Riding top from Dapplebay x WIT Review

However, while I love this shirt, I do find it extremely annoying and fiddly to only have these available for like a minute.  I would have bought more of them…but I didn’t feel the need to buy three in a week all shipped separately.  Talk about an uptick in carbon footprint for absolutely no reason.  I do think Dapplebay should reconsider this kind of “limited edition” marketing and if they want to do a limited run…print a certain amount of each and put them up until they sell.  OR…just keep selling them an make more money (seriously…I have about a dozen friends that have asked me about this shirt that I’m sure they could sell one to at least half of them…if these shirts were available all the time).

What if you were out of town/super busy having a life/sick/whatever the day it came out?  Frustrating.  What if you had a major vet bill you just paid an you would be able to swing it next pay check?  Pretty lame.  Having these shirts be limited edition actually put me off buying the other two in the collection, which I probably would purchase if they ever came back.  I’m not a fan of feeling pressured into buying things (but I suppose this works for some people…just not savvy middle aged women).  Just my two cents on that and I have to give a big downgrade on my review because of this unfortunately.  Otherwise this product would be perfect.

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La Femme Essential Riding top from Dapplebay x WIT Review