Cavali Club Summer 2021 Review

Cavali Club Summer 2021 Review

Box Curation
Value of Box
Quality of Items
Usefulness of Products
Excitement Level

Please Note:  I can no longer recommend the Cavali Club subscription box based on what owner brand Corro has recently done to it.  Past boxes were wonderful, but be aware it’s not the same as it once was (I can’t vouch for customer service, quality or uniqueness of products, or timely shipping).

It has been a minute since my last Cavali Club review.  I must admit I skipped the Spring Box (yup…you can do that) because it just wasn’t calling to me.  I didn’t really need or want anything in the box…so there you go.  Convenient to just be able to log in and skip.  Very easy to do (which isn’t not always the case with subscription boxes).

The problem of course with subscription boxes is that you don’t always get something you want or need…or sometimes you think you’ll be into it, but then you just…aren’t thrilled when it shows up.  I knew I wouldn’t be happy with the Spring Box, so I didn’t get it (that pillowcase isn’t in any remote color scheme in my life…and I didn’t need the trail bag).  The only thing I was interested in was the brush cleaner and sorta the wine charms…sorta…I don’t have a lot of wine parties at my house these days.

The summer box was looking more promising to me (though I wasn’t super excited like I was for winter), so I went for it.  Here’s the breakdown of what I received.

So what’s in the box?

Equestrian Helmet Visor – $39

Horseplay Cocktail Napkins – $35

The Equestrian Journal – $45

Medica Treatment Wash – $36

Twenty Four Carrots Treats – $11.99

Pecard Leather Dressing – $8

Jennifer Cervelli Jewelry Lucky Horseshoe Necklace – $48

Coupons for Medica, Eques Pante, Twenty Four Carrots, Botori, Urgo Beauty, and Happy Pops

Total Retail Value – $223 (with an epic amount of coupons this box)


So what did I think?

This Summer box may suffer a bit coming after my Winter box… I was beside myself happy with Winter’s box. Why? I could use pretty much everything in the box and I liked all of it and some of it was super exciting.  Excellent.  The retail value of the Winter box was a LOT lower that this one.  But…funny story…Retail Value isn’t everything.  This box also didn’t really have a hero item with everything pretty equally valued.  The curation is good, it just isn’t the most exciting box for me…like…really not exciting.

Lets start with what I liked. 

The Medica wash is fabulous and it’s always good to have a medicated wash to treat skin conditions.  I’ve used this on Jax’s trouble spots already and seen an improvement.  I don’t know if I’d spend $36 on it…we’ll have to see if it clears up the problem…or just helps a bit.  If it clears it up…I’ll be sold. Useful.

The Twenty Four Carrots treats are fabulous (I’ve reviewed them before).  Jax loves them.  I just wish the bag was full size!  They’re expensive, but they are high quality and Jax is obsessed with them. Useful.

I received the gold version of the necklace (despite for sure signing up for silver when I filled out my initial survey a long time ago) and was super bummed about that.  HOWEVER, a beautiful and most kind friend of mine also got the box and gave me her silver one because she doesn’t wear jewelry…and I love it!  So yay.  Thank you Alexis.  The gold one is hanging out…perhaps to give to another friend…perhaps to include in another giveaway (unfortunately the chain came in a ridiculous ball of tangle…so I will give it away IF I can get it untangled…otherwise I may have to cut the chain off and buy a new one).  I do think the retail value of this is pretty appropriate.  Exciting and sorta useful.

The Leather Dressing is fine and will be used.  I can always use leather care.  Not exciting, but useful. I will put this in the “I like it” category because it’s at least universally useful if not overly exciting.  Retail value is more than appropriate. Useful.

Now for the “meh” items. 

The Helmet Visor is an okay item…I have a visor already, so I don’t really need this.  I may pass this along, or hold on to it for a future in which my other one doesn’t work well anymore?  It’s black.  It’s heavy duty.  It certainly will do the job, just not exciting for me.  Retail value seems reasonable.  Not particularly useful for me…but useful to some people that don’t have one.

The cocktail napkin set I’m not sure what to make of… Two of them are a high trotting saddle seat/hackney style horse…and the other like a “wild horse” rearing kinda thing.  Two completely different feels.  Doesn’t make sense. If they were all the same silhouette that would be great.  If they were 4 different silhouettes that would work too.  But having two of one and two of another…and them not really thematically matching…I don’t’ know what to do with these.  They feel incomplete… If they had all 4 had the rearing horse, I would absolutely use them.  The way they are…I’m not even sure if i can give them to anyone…  They’re weird.  Retail value seems overinflated, especially with the odd design.  Weird since usually her housewares are excellent. This one missed the mark for me entirely.   I do wonder if it was a mistake?  Not really useful and not really well planned.

The Equestrian Journal is a perfectly fine journal/planner.  It’s got a cute design, I like the spiral notebook style as it’s easier to use, and it has a bunch of nice stickers that comes with it and the rose gold horsey clips are adorable.  It’s the content of the pages that are a little tricky for me.

A chunk of it is geared toward horse keeping/showing and for sure helpful if you own your own horse and want to keep track of the farrier/vet/teeth stuff.  For me as a leaser, a chunk of it’s not valid. If you don’t show a big chunk is not useful.  If you don’t lesson, a big chunk isn’t useful.  If it was easy to remove pages it would have more value to me I think.  As it is, I’ll have to rip stuff out.

I don’t particularly like that the bulk of it is a weekly planner because a lot of the other pages are useful for long term tracking of horsey things…but having the weekly planner limits the amount of time you’re going to use it.  I guess I have my planner for 2022!  No reason to buy a new weekly planner.  I have yet to find a perfect “horse” planner/journal that actually gives me everything I want all in one place.  Maybe I should design my own?  I think the retail value is…a little high IMO, but the quality is nice.


Wrap Up

Okay…now what are my overall thoughts on this box?  I’m happy that for the most part the retail values don’t seem overly inflated like they have in the past on on a few items.  There is a lot of value in the box for what I spent (with $104 worth of product being immediately useful to me).   I’ve not made a decision on the visor or the journal for reasons stated above, but if I do end up using them that will increase the value of this box to be quite a bit.  And if not, I’ll give them to one of you or one of my friends that will enjoy them, so that makes them worth something…even if not the full retail value for me.  The napkins are a complete bust unfortunately imo.

As I said above…that’s the problem with subscription boxes.  You’re not going to like everything and you’re not going to be excited about all of it.  I knew going into this box I wasn’t super excited about it, but I was hoping when it showed up the excitement level would rise.  It didn’t really.  Oh well.  This box is a more “useful” one than an exciting one and that’s okay!  I do particularly love the necklace though…so that saves the box for me.  When making a decision to skip…I base it on if I’m excited or not about anything…and if not really…is the value of the items I would use make it worth purchasing the box.  In the case of this box curation, the answer was yes.  It was worth purchasing.

I still very much enjoy Cavali Club over a year into it and I appreciate that there are so many spoilers and that I know what I’m getting before hand so I can skip if things are looking…meh for me!  I’m looking forward to fall spoilers to make a decision if I want it or want to pause.  Keep an eye out for them, maybe there’s something that will catch your eye!