SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra Review

Looks Under Clothes

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Am I the last one to give these a try?  I mean…ads seem to pop up everywhere for me…and I finally gave in earlier this year and bought one of each (and I’m not super pleased with the money I spent on them to be honest).  A few months ago I gave you my thoughts on the Flex (the more expensive one with the “softer” fabric…and I wasn’t in love)…and today I’m going to give you might thoughts on the high impact one the Ultimate.

Both of these bras are designed similarly.  Just like the Flex, this one has the same innovative velcro construction that allows you to change the fit around the chest and the shoulder straps.   This particular feature I find great when you think about gaining or losing a few pounds and not having to go buy a brand new bra or wear an ill fitting one.  Super clever design.  However I do seem to have trouble keeping the metal slider thing that holds the velcro band in the back to stay in place and lay flat…no matter how tight or loose I do up the thing.  It just wants to slide and bunch stuff up.  Same thing happens in the other bra.

You can do X-back or H-back on this one too and I leave this on on X as I find it more comfortable (I don’t have to tug up the straps all the time to keep them on my sloped shoulders) and don’t have the same…rubbing problems as I have with the Flex (they’re the same size, so that’s not the problem).  Despite this fabric not being as soft as the other…I find this bra more comfortable and the fabric gives me less rubs than the other one…so this is the one I actually select first…though it is well down my list of favorite bras. It still isn’t comfortable and my shoulders always hurt after I wear it, unless I keep the straps pretty loose…and then it loses it’s usefulness.

The compression/bounce control is excellent.  No worries there.  The quality is also excellent (minus that metal holder on the back not staying in place).  I don’t see this bra giving in for several years (if it ever does…it’s built like a tank).   And I do think the price of this one is slightly more reasonable, but still high for a bra I don’t love.  However at $69…I wouldn’t buy another one.  Heck…if it was $30 I probably still wouldn’t…

Like the other one…this bra doesn’t look great under clothes.  The middle zipper in the front + compression = uni-boob.  Because of the design and the compression if you want really secure girls, it can give you some lovely back fat rolls as well.  Even better…because of the compression style of the bra and the boob adjustment you are supposed to do to get lift, your nipples absolutely do not end up were they normally are…HA.. At least this one has the removable modesty padding (unlike the Flex) so less of an issue!

It does wash well (put it in the wash bag and follow washing instructions) and it doesn’t look anything but brand new after many washes now so I’m happy with that.  There is that quality shining through.

If you want to try SheFit, I personally prefer this original one over the other one.  However to be perfectly frank, I wouldn’t buy either again.  If you’re looking for something that has decent support and wont break the bank I have a recommendation…  If you’re not super big on top like me, my new favorite is this one from Amazon.  Looks good under clothes (two boobs and no wonky nipples), is pretty and has good enough support…oh and it’s under $30.  It’s also hard to get in and out of, but it wouldn’t be a sports bra if you didn’t have to wrestle with it right?  So if you have shoulder issues, you’re not going to like that one…but I manged okay with a minor rotator cuff issue earlier this year…so there you go!