Ecoquestrian Mystery Surprise Box Unboxing/Review

Value of Box
Usefulness of Items
Sustainability Bonus Points
Did I like the products?

I came across this brand Ecoquestrian because they were sponsoring one of my website clients and I was like…ohhhh!!!  I made an order of several items that looked like I would enjoy them and then tossed in the Mystery Surprise Box at the end because…I like mystery boxes.  Super fun!  A little bit of a gamble…but if you like stuff in it…they’re usually a good deal.  This mystery box is supposed to be worth double the amount you spent on it…so I bought the Medium box…which was $35.  So it was supposed to be worth $70.

The contents are supposed to be randomly put together, but I’m sure that the contents had a little bit to do with the rest of my order.  I didn’t get any duplicates which was awesome.  I appreciate that.

Just a note on the my first impressions of the brand all together:  I appreciate the non plastic bottles and the eco friendly nature of the refill system that is offered (though the sprayers are of course plastic).  I also think it fantastic that the liquids are sent undiluted to save shipping costs and help prevent leaking from overfilled bottles (you put your own water in when you get them).  I love using natural/eco products whenever I can and enjoy trying out brands that are new to me.

Nit picky irritation thing: the labels do get stained and damaged pretty much instantly because they don’t have a plastic protective sticker finish on them, which is fine, but it is also hard to read the labels after you soak them filling them with water.  Maybe if I used a funnel…but I don’t keep one of those around the barn.

Contents of my Medium Box ($35)

Peach Leather Balm – $15 value.  I like this balm and it smells awesome…too awesome.  I want to eat it.  I would buy it again.

Whole Grain Jumbo Hearts Treats- 2 Pack – $3 value.  Jax was particularly enamored of these cookies.  They were big so I was able to break them apart and use them for stretching after our ride and he heartily gobbled them up with much enthusiasm.   I would absolutely buy these again.  Jax liked them more than the average treat.

Shmitty’s Favorite Super Heal Balm with Activated Charcoal – $23 Value – I didn’t know I even wanted this, but I really like this balm.  I’ve been using it on Jax’s elbows (he always has some gunk going on there no matter what I use) and this seems to be helping it out.

Bit Balm – $6 Value – It’s alright.  It’s a little hard IMO for a bit balm and it’s not my favorite.

Citrus Spot Spray – $25 Value – To be honest I haven’t tried this yet.  I see “spot spray” and I think of cleaning dirty spots off white/gray horses.  Jax has no white…minus a star, tiny nose snip and a tiny sliver above one foot.  So I do realize after looking on the website it is supposed to be good for general cleaning of grossness, so I probably should have tried it today when cleaning off Jax’s encrusted pee mud…but I didn’t.  It smells on the nicer side for their products (some of the other spray products don’t smell good IMO).

Total Value – $72

So is the Mystery Box worth it?  It was for me!

Not accounting for the Spot Spray (which I haven’t used) and the Bit Balm which I don’t really like, the value is over what I paid for it for the other 3 products, so I came out on the positive.  If the Citrus Spot Spray is good, then I really made out.

I’m tempted to buy another one…Lol.

I did purchase the Raspberry Coat Sunscreen, Green Tea & Rosewater Coat Glow and Eucalyptus Equipment Deodorizer.  I might give a proper review for each of them at a later date.  But the Sunscreen and the Coat Glow both smell terrible (vinegar) unfortunately.  I can’t stand the smell of vinegar…personal preference.

Should have bought some shampoo and the conditioning mask…but I totally missed them on the page when I was shopping.  Another order!

Do be careful when you order from them and read.  They do have a few items that are NOT safe for competition!