Learning out of the Saddle: Free Yoga for Equestrians

So it looks like group classes aren’t going to be a thing in a lot of places for a long time to come.  At the end of last year I decided I needed to take up yoga again (it’s been a second…) for flexibility and relaxation and general improvements for riding.  I kept up with it pretty well until a couple of weeks ago when my friend’s free evening class stopped for a bit, but after having another session with her, I’m motivated to get back into it again.  I ride better, I feel better and I stress less when I’m doing it.  It just takes finding the time.

Well I’m here to help you if you’re looking to do a little yoga, but don’t have the time.  I’ve put together a list of FREE videos on YouTube I’ve been using for my own practice or have saved for future practices.  I find having a whole list of videos to pick from makes it easier when I only have 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 25 minutes…etc.  I can just see how long the videos are, click and get practicing.

If you have any free yoga resources to share, don’t hesitate to comment with links to them in the comment section to share with your fellow equestrians!

Dressage Rider Training Channel

This channel has riding, fitness and yoga all wrapped into one, but I really enjoy her yoga videos (and her voice is very soothing).

Beginner Yoga for Dressage Riders Playlist
Yoga Mobility for Dressage Riders Playlist
Power Yoga for Dressage Riders Playlist
Stretches for Dressage Riders Playlist
Yoga for Dressage Riders Playlist

Yoga With Adriene Channel

Anyone that knows yoga on the internet has to know Yoga With Adriene!  She’s fabulous.  Be warned though some of her videos are not beginner friendly and she will quickly flow and lose me completely a lot of the times.  I try, but you know…it might be a no-go for some people.

BioRider Fitness Channel

I bought their fitness DVD back now a gazillion years ago.  It was very good.  Their YouTube stuff is good too.

Mind Body Vault Channel

These girls are vaulters, so don’t expect to pull off some of the things they can (lol).  This channel is a great resource for both yoga/stretching and work outs.  Great channel!

Other Videos

Equestrian Stretches  A little “sesame street” explanation style (I watch too much kids stuff these days), but I like the explanations of what needs to stretch and then demonstrations of how to.
Release Tension in Your Shoulders  a quick routine on releasing shoulder tightness (can be done at the barn).
Postures for your Lower Back