Betty's Best Skin & Coat Grooming Cloth Wipes Review
9.1Overall Score
Value of XL10
Convenience/Ease of Use10
Performance/Cleaning Ability10
Value of XXL Size4
Green Product10

I bought the Betty’s Best Skin & Coat Grooming Wipes on a whim a few months ago while making a standard online purchase of stuff I always buy…because it’s that time of year.  Sweaty horses…but maybe not quite warm enough for a hose down.  And on top of that Jax almost always sweats under his bridle no matter the weather, so I always have to pay extra attention to cleaning that area to prevent hair loss/rubs/etc.

I was a little confused about the sizing of these wipes and the amount (I still am).

An XL pack includes 8″ x 8″ cloths –  50 of them.  For about $12.
An XXL pack 12″ x 12″ cloths – 12 of them.  Also for about $12.

I don’t understand the logic of calling them XL and XXL instead of just saying Regular and Large (or oversize).  I wouldn’t consider 8″ x 8″ XL of anything.  Very strange.  I also don’t understand how it’s the same price for 12 vs 50. You can use multiple of the XL ones and it will cost you less than buying the XXL ones.  Maybe I’m missing something here.

Betty's Best Skin & Coat Grooming Cloth Wipes Review

That being said, that’s the only thing bad about these.  The container they come in seals up well (it’s actually a double seal with the interior packaging, so I haven’t had any issues of dry out yet (and you can buy just the inner refill and not send more plastic to the landfill (yay!).   They have a nice pleasant (not overwhelming) scent.  They clean up sweat and dirt really well.  They are soft and therefore not offensive for cleaning sensitive areas.  They are made of bamboo, so you can wet them down and go again (and they’re biodegradable).  You can also wash them out and let them dry and use them to clean tack or whatever.  They are super durable material, so they don’t’ rub through when you’re rubbing into the hair.  They are super for that.

I have used them to groom off his whole body before and after rides in various situations.  I’ve used them to clean up my own body/hands.  I’ve used them to wipe out my tack box.
Betty's Best Skin & Coat Grooming Cloth Wipes Review

They are safe for dogs (though I haven’t tried it on any…I take their word on it), horses and people with natural and safe ingredients.  You can even safely use them around eyes.  Jax is a sensitive skinned red-head and he’s had no issues with the ingredients in these at all.   Rub in and clean…and no rinsing.  Perfect.  He actually very much enjoys it when I rub his face down with these after rides.  He loves a good ear/face rub.

Despite the weird sizing/pricing stuff, I think the value of these is excellent (at least on the XL version).  50 cloths is going to last me a while, and I will absolutely repurchase when I run out.

Betty's Best Skin & Coat Grooming Cloth Wipes Review