The Simple Equine Contact Comfort Review
10Overall Score
Performance/Multi-Purpose Use10
Convenience/Ease of Use10

You guys know how much I love products from The Simple Equine.  Even better, this one I had a hand in the creation of!  I got to be one of the testers on a couple of formulations and give my opinion.  How fun!  The Simple Equine Contact Comfort – Bit Balm and Anti-Friction Aid is another fabulous multi-use product for horse and rider!

All natural and high quality ingredients included of course…and this one comes scent free (so it makes it even more usable for various things).  This balm was developed to be anti-friction and anti-chafe (and let me tell you…it is slick…I don’t know how she did it)!  You wouldn’t think from the ingredient list that it would be so slippery, but it’s fabulous.

The Simple Equine Contact Comfort Review

I have to this point used it for:

  1.  Bit chafe protection on Jax (I use it every ride).
  2. Blanket rub spots from spring shedding.
  3. Leg/saddle pad rubs from spring shedding.
  4. Face rubs from halters/bridles.
  5.  I’ve used it on rope burns and closed blisters.
  6.  I’ve used it for anti-friction on my inner leg when my pants were rubbing me wrong.
  7.  Hell…I’ve used it as hand lotion in a pinch.

This stuff has endless uses and comes in a good size tub.  I haven’t had to rebuy yet! It has a nice thick texture but melts into skin easily so it is easy to apply.  It also has a pretty good “wear off” time so it’s not gone right away.  On top of that, it has moisturizing properties as well so it can help irritated skin as well as preventing rubs.  The value is on par with other similar products as well, so no worries there.   I’m a huge fan and I highly recommend it as a multipurpose product to keep in your trunk.


The Simple Equine Contact Comfort Review