Dreamers & Schemers Socks Review
8.8Overall Score
Fit: Original Style8
Fit: Knit Style10
Durability: Original Style9
Durability: Knit Style5
Customer Service10

Dreamers & Schemers socks have been the thing for a while now.  I jumped on the bandwagon maybe a year ago with my first pair and I’ve collected a weeks worth of socks or so now from them.  I’m featuring the Dapplebay designs because they’re my absolute favorite, but I do have several other designs in both the original boot sock style and the knit sock.  In fact my lucky show socks are a pair of the regular styled socks with blue ribbons on them of course.  AND I have an order incoming now.  Needless to say,  I’m a fan.  I quite recently purchased both of these designs pictured from Dapplebay.

They are comfortable and oh so cute.  In fact the new knit ones are so soft and comfy I want more of them.  Not every design is going to be for everyone (kinda like the C4 belts)…and there are some designs I wouldn’t ever wear…but there’s something for everyone.

Dreamers & Schemers Socks Review

However there are a couple of things to note about these socks if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet.

The original versions might be a fit issue for you.  The calves of these socks are a bit of a squeeze (my calves are large, but I can still buy off the shelf boots, so they aren’t THAT large).  That is mainly unfortunate because as you stretch them, the design fades away…so if you have bigger calves, the design isn’t going to have as much pop.  As with any one size sock, the fit isn’t going to be perfect for some people.  The foot part stretches pretty well, but I’m at the limit at a size 10 it feels like.  So if you have bigger calves and big feet…these probably won’t work for you.  The knit ones will though (they have a lot more stretch in the calf)!  I’ve only ever once had a sock not fit my calf in the past…so take that as you will.

Dreamers & Schemers Socks Review

No, my foot isn’t deformed, this is my hand inside showing the hole. HA!

The durability is maybe not as good as it should be when you’re paying this much for a sock on the knit model.  I’ve quickly had an issue with the toe seam in the knit socks and there’s a LOT of pilling on the foot part of them.  These cute Good Rides Only ones from Dapplebay made it two wears/washes before getting a hole in the toe seam.  Nothing weird or out of the ordinary happened, they just split there at the seam which bummed me out.  I’m hoping that was just a fluke pair and the other knit socks don’t do this as well.  But I have to give a little knock for that.  They aren’t so bad I have to throw them away, but I need to get in there and hand sew them up before the hole gets too big.  NOTE:  After seeing this review I was contacted by their customer service and they let me know that they replace socks that this happens to so quickly after wearing…so EXCELLENT customer service guys… excellent.  I’m getting a replacement pair and I ordered another knit pair, so I may be changing this particular part of the review after wearing the new ones (if they hold up).

Those concerns being voiced, I’m still buying these socks (as mentioned above) and I like them a lot.  If you’re a normal sized person…the original Dreamer & Schemers socks are going to fit you just fine and they hold up pretty well.  I’m less certain about the knit socks durability until I try some others to see if the hole is going to be a repeat problem (though the fit is more stretchy for bigger sizes).