Cavali Club Fall 2020 Box Review

Cavali Club Fall 2020 Box Review

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Please Note:  I can no longer recommend the Cavali Club subscription box based on what owner brand Corro has recently done to it.  Past boxes were wonderful, but be aware it’s not the same as it once was (I can’t vouch for customer service, quality or uniqueness of products, or timely shipping).

I’m on my 3rd Cavali Club box now and the Fall 2020 box has a lot of useful items (which is great!).  The curation is a little different (as was last box) because of the Covid thing…the leather lead was supposed to be in the Summer Box and the napkin rings in this box.  So that fact throws the balance of the curation off just a little bit, but it is still a nicely curated box and everything is totally appropriate for the season (which is something many other subscription boxes fail at).  This box is an interesting one with a much higher retail value than last box.  However, unlike the last two boxes, there’s not a hero item for me (last time it was the plates…which were so special and unique!).  Here’s the breakdown of what’s in this box.


Cavali Club Fall 2020 Box

Dreamers & Schemers x Milton Menasco Giddy Up Boot Socks – $25

Tryon Equestrian Backpack – $100

Purvida Healthy Horse Original Leave-In Conditioning Spray – $19.99

Alexandra Lederman “Razzled Velvet” Set of Stationery – $25

CC Essentials Hickory Leather Lead – $69

Standard Issue Equestrian Coupon 20% off Dressage Bundle

Masked Pony 20% off coupon (off two masks)

Total retail value – $238.99

Total personal value* – $190

*my interpretation of what the retail values probably “should be”…or what I’d be willing to pay for them.

I love the Purvida spray and I’m happy to have that to check out.  I also love that it came in a tiny concentrate because these big bottles tend to leak.  Smart!

The backpack is very nice, sturdy, and appears be good quality.  It’s nothing flashy or special in terms of design.  But I think it’s probably worth the retail value posted (hopefully it’s as sturdy as it looks)!   It has a lot of nice pockets and useful design details and it is huge and will easily carry most of my things I need at a horse show.  I’ve never used a “ringside” type backpack before as I’m a dressage rider without a groom and my horse is always tied to a trailer (and I always feel like these are more geared to people at hunter/jumper shows with grooms and multiple horses to ride).  So typically everything is just in the trailer and in their normal bags, but this might help combine some things into a more reasonable amount of bags.  I’m excited to use it.

The socks are super cute.  They are not the typical Dreamers & Schemers socks and are instead a much thicker boot sock.  Good for fall/winter, but a lot more bulky under the boots.  Just pointing it out…but I wouldn’t pay $25 for these socks.  So a bit of an overshot on the retail value on these I think.  But they are cute socks and I’ll use them.

The lead rope is okay (and the bag for it is adorable).  I don’t really have any use for a leather lead with a chain, but it’s a nice item if you use these.  I didn’t expect the nicest lead ever for a subscription box, but its “retail value” does not fit the quality to me (and it does annoy me a bit to see the retail value so high).  It’s nice…but not $69 nice.  I can get a hand made, fancy stitched one with colored padding from one of my favorite companies for $70…so…

The cards are very cute, but the paper isn’t very fancy and they don’t feel $25 for 5 cards expensive.  I might pay $15 for this set at most.

Not a huge problem on the retail values…I personally just find it a little annoying.  I’d rather an honest evaluation than a marked up version to make the box look like a better value.  For me, it makes it all feel cheaper by marking it up unnecessarily.  For $55…this box is still a steal and the value is good…even with me cutting the retail value to my personal value.

I still quite like the Cavali Club box subscription and will continue to get it.  I may just have to stop looking at the retail values so that doesn’t annoy me so much.  I probably would have given this box a slightly higher review if the values didn’t annoy me so much.  Lol.  Just a pet peeve of mine.

I believe there might be a couple of these boxes left in stock if you are interested, so head over to the website now if you want to pick it up.  The backpack alone is well worth the $55!