The Infused Equestrian swät Review

The Infused Equestrian swät Review

Ease of Use

So I’m sure you noticed I have reviewed a lot of natural brands lately.  Sure…I’m a trend follower.  I absolutely want to check out natural/healthy products for me and my horse in hopes they’re better for us in the short and long term.  Not to mention, those products a lot of the time smell really great (which is important for me).  My latest discovery is The Infused Equestrian.  I am so thankful they sent a box of goodies for Jax and I to try out.  Crossing my fingers for some keepers!

This review is for the The Infused Equestrian swät.  This product is a essential oil based fly/bug spray that uses different oils to target different bugs.  They use 9 different essential oils in this one to cover all their bases (very thorough)!

The Infused Equestrian swät Review

I received a 4 oz sample spray bottle.  The full size is 28 oz.  That’s important to keep in mind for the value.  For the price per oz, the full size is actually pretty reasonable.  It’s just a bit more expensive than my favorite natural fly spray.  It also smells really yummy.

Okay…so does it work?  Well…when I got the sample bottle we were having a HORRIBLE couple of weeks with no-see-ems everywhere.  Biting the hell out of horses and humans alike.  I sprayed this on and the bugs dispersed!  They were not fans of this stuff at all (yay)!  Okay…well what about it’s lasting power.  Well…like many topical bug options…this stuff does get sweated off.  It doesn’t kill the bugs, just keeps them away, so after a really hard work session…they’re back.  However, after a pretty chill ride on a normal (not hot as Hades) day, the flies were still pretty much at bay.  The only ride I wished I had used regular poison spray for as well was a clinic ride with a particularly demanding dressage trainer/judge.  Horse and rider are sweaty messes when done with her.

The Infused Equestrian swät Review
Shiny and Fly Free!

So I’d say yes, for the type of fly spray it is, it works and works well.  Just don’t expect it to last through extreme sweat sessions.  However, I can’t give a 100% sure review on longevity based on how much product was used during each test.

My issue with this product is the packaging.  At the sample size, I didn’t find the sprayer ideal for the job and it gives a slightly less positive experience using it.  The sample bottle doesn’t have a very good sprayer for large area coverage and you really need to pump a million times to get enough product out to cover a horse.  Maybe with the full sprayer the longevity would be longer as you could more easily put more on.  With the sample bottle, I have to say I’d give up spraying after a while because my finger was tired.  Lol.

I do think this is a high quality product and it works well to fend off bugs, but the packaging isn’t my favorite in terms of usability.  I’m sure I would like the large scale version better, but I didn’t get to try it…so I can’t comment on the quality of the spray bottle.  I would absolutely be willing to purchase the large bottle and give it another go down the line to see if it works better for me that way.

The Infused Equestrian Review