Twenty Four Carrots Super Food Horse Treats Review

Horse Taste Test

We have reviewed a number of horse treats/cookies over the years, and every year I can’t believe how much better they have gotten!  Some are pretty.  And some are just plain healthy!  It makes sense.  Our personal eating habits have been adjusting for a long time (so much has changed since Supersize Me came out a million years ago).  We are being more conscious of what we are putting into our own bodies and our pets!  I’m super excited to give you Jax’s review on the Twenty Four Carrots Super Food Horse Treats.  Thank you for sending us a bag to try!

Now first off I should mention that I almost always try my horse’s cookies (if they aren’t teeth breaking hard).  Since these are food grade, I don’t feel so gross about this with this treat….but…this particular treat I could not try due to a personal allergen (hemp seeds), so we’ll have to base the review off of Jax’s thoughts.

First off…how cute is the name!  That’s what caught my attention first.  I honestly expected these to be some froo froo pretty treat because of the name…like with some bejeweled sugar cubes on top or something…but no!  The name isn’t in reference to glam sparkles for your pony…it’s in reference to top level ingredients!

These are low glycemic treats, so your horse that needs less sugar will be able to do much better on these.  They are full of a bunch of good stuff.  There’s no corn, soy, molasses or grain.  No fillers to make them cheaper.  Why give your sport horse (or even your pet) anything less!  The ingredients are simple, but good!  Chia, Hemp Seeds, Dandelion Leaf, Carrots, Rosehips, Coconut Oil, Cinnamon and Apple Cider.  That’s it!  Every ingredient has a great physical benefit for the horse (you can learn more about what does what on their website here).

They are a very different texture than other cookies and I was surprised to see them out of the bag, but how neat!  You can see all the good stuff!  No filler here.

Jax was a huge fan.  He likes most cookies, but he actually started mugging me for these pretty bad.  I had to stop feeding him treats for a little bit because he was getting a little TOO into it.  So horsey approved!

What about horse mommy pocketbook approved?  Well compared with another treat I recently reviewed with similar high quality ingredients, the price per pound is significantly lower (therefore the value is higher)!  So if money is an object and you don’t need something customized…these are a great way to go.

Jax highly recommends these cookies and I have to recommend them as well as a healthy alternative to most other treats on the market.