Pull Your Pony Review
9.3Overall Score

Everyone has that “favorite” style of lead rope, the one that you guard with your life, and would nose dive into the mud volleyball style to save..

I have always loved the feel and weight of cotton leads, but usually they are “basic” styles and not much to catch the eye. Pull Your Pony is a Canadian based company (please note pricing on their website is in CAN dollars) that not only offers beautiful and vibrant “in stock” lead options but also specializes in custom dyed items as well!
Pull Your Pony Review
They offer color combinations for any big or little equestrian and their “pony” no matter how big or small! There is also the option for heavy duty bull snap or stud chain. We were VERY impressed with the bull snap, it is a swiveling style, with a solid feel and secure hold once clipped.
Pull Your Pony Review
As a parent, I was impressed at how well the lead rope was made when it came to the little equestrian. The 10 foot rope is made of double tied 100% cotton, so minimal risk of rope burns and frays. It is solid and slightly heavy in your hands which I LOVE, you can literally feel the quality. When I first handed the rope over for her to use, I was honestly a little concerned about dye transfer on her show apparel or the horse himself. We had ZERO issues, even after laying the freshly made lead on his sweaty neck! The little equestrian was REALLY excited about the vibrance of the color and how soft it felt in her hands.
Pull Your Pony Review
The rope did fade over 8-10 weeks, but honestly this is to be expected. The little equestrian can be hard on gear and this poor rope was taken through the mud, left in the grass, on the trailer in the sun for hours, went to a week of horse camp, and may or may not have been left in the corner of the sand arena. As far as cleaning, it is recommended to hand wash with mild soap and air dry. I did have to scrub quite a bit to get some solid spots out from a drop into a pile of you know what! Again, to be expected.
We have been very pleased with the performance of this lead rope. It is safe, durable, fun, and caught the eye of more than one “spectator” at our equine events!
You can check out more on Pull Your Pony by visiting their website, Etsy store, Facebook and Instagram.