Cavali Club Summer Review

Cavali Club Summer 2020 Review

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Quality of Items
Usefulness of Products/Product Desirability
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Please Note:  I can no longer recommend the Cavali Club subscription box based on what owner brand Corro has recently done to it.  Past boxes were wonderful, but be aware it’s not the same as it once was (I can’t vouch for customer service, quality or uniqueness of products, or timely shipping).

So after my first Cavali Club box, I knew I had to subscribe.  I loved the collection of items that Carly put together for the box and the value was good.  The first box was a smash hit for me.

Well how did the second box fair?

What was in the Box?

Hart Outfitters Plated Belt – retail $21

Equine Elixirs Tidbits – retail $13.99

Colorado Leather Balm – retail – $5

Tacksaver – retail – $12

Hanoverian Napkin Rings – retail $39 (replacement for $69 leather lead missing due to Covid)

Eliza Frye Lipizzaner Collection Plates – retail $59

A couple of interesting Coupons including 50% off at Urgo Beauty and a free supplement trial

AND (lucky lucky)  A Golden Ticket (free 3-Day pass to Equitana USA), which I’m giving away.  So stay tuned to our Social Media to see how to win that.

Total Value minus the Golden Ticket and coupons – $149.99

Total Value with Golden Ticket minus coupons – $219.99


My thoughts on Summer 2020

I absolutely loved the Eliza Frye Plates (so so so beautiful and unique), the TackSaver (I need like 5 of theses) and Leather Balm (smells SO FREAKING Good).

The belt I happened to get in a color I’m not a fan of and it was a hair on the small side for my not single digit pants size frame.  However, I’m getting that exchanged for a more neutral color in a larger size, so that’s fantastic.  The “leather” part of the belt looks pretty cheap, but the belt is otherwise comfortable and nice looking.  I’ll be happy to wear the switched out version.

Horse treats are always a nice have.  Not going to complain about that.

I am not a huge fan of the napkin rings (they’re just a little too sparkly and cheesy feeling for my particular style), but I’m sure they’ll be a great regift for someone or I may end up using them.  I don’t really use napkin rings, though their replacement item isn’t something I would have really used either (a leather lead with chain).  So there you go.  Equal trade off there imo.

I don’t find much value in the coupons included, but that’s a personal thing.

Obviously the Equitana USA Golden Ticket has a huge value for someone, but just not for me…as I’m not going to be anywhere near Kentucky any time soon I’m afraid.


Final Thoughts

The retail value of this box I think was a bit inflated this time.  The Hart Belt was marked down $3 more than they actually sell it for.  I think the retail value on the napkin rings and plates was probably a bit inflated for what they are, as much as I love the plates.

Does that bother me?  For what I paid for the box…no.  Not at all.

Did I get value out of this box?  Yes, absolutely.  Did I like this box?  Yes.  Absolutely.  I’ll use the belt, treats, plates, horse cookies, leather balm and leather cleaning glove.  That’s all worth the price of the box plus some for me.