Equestrian Wellness Coaching

Equestrian Wellness Coaching – Part 2 – Keeping Track

This is the second part of a series on my wellness journey working with Val from Equestrian Wellness.  I will be talking about our calls, homework and my results over this series of articles.  Perhaps seeing my journey will help you begin your own journey to paying attention to your own wellness (either with Val, or with another coach).

Our second call lasted about an hour.  It was a bit more of going over my specific concerns discovered in call #1.  First thing, I told her how successful the Nasopure had been and that I felt much better allergy-wise.  She jumped in with a question “Why do you sound so congested today then?”  I replied, “oh I’m having a latte and sometimes that makes me congested.”  And she replies with something along the lines…”Well didn’t we talk about how you had a milk protein allergy last week?  Why are you drinking something that causes your body so much inflammation?”  Well…duh Rachel!  Moron!

We then had a discussion about the habit of lattes or having lots of cream in my coffee that had been going on since I had Derby.  I was never a huge coffee drinker before, but after having the baby…it became a regular thing (mostly because my husband became a coffee drinker and I just followed along).  And I liked it with milk best…  Sure…I may like it, but was helping to contribute to a lot of inflammation in my body and giving it more stress than needed.

She then gave me some suggestions for adjusting what I was doing with those habitual coffees to help my body out.

We also discussed my issue with Iron.  I take two different iron supplements a day…and yes…I need them just to keep my levels at an average normal on a blood test.  It’s been that way for years.  She gave me some suggestions for helping that with specific food and food combinations that would help naturally increase the iron in my body.

We jumped into discussing the next assignment.  A food diary!

I groaned inside. I was not happy about this.  However, after getting my instructions, I decided that since I was doing this thing, I was going to give it a go.  It wasn’t your typical food diary after all.  There was no mathing out calories like I’d always done.  I didn’t change my eating or drinking from what I had been doing, because I wanted her to see the normal.  No point to do it if I was hiding.

I faithfully kept my diary for the next week, and then typed it up for her before so she could look over it before our call.

To be continued!!