Cavali Club Spring 2020 Box Review

Cavali Club Spring 2020 Box Review

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Please Note:  I can no longer recommend the Cavali Club subscription box based on what owner brand Corro has recently done to it.  Past boxes were wonderful, but be aware it’s not the same as it once was (I can’t vouch for customer service, quality or uniqueness of products, or timely shipping).

I have gotten requests to review this box from several readers over the last 6 months or so, so I reached out to Cavali Club to see if they’d be interested in sending me a box to try out and were kind enough to send the Spring Box for me to trial.  Thank you.

It has been a long time since I tried an equestrian subscription box…I did a number of reviews a long time ago from another box (and subscribed for quite some time), but ended up finding myself drowning in products to use on my horse.  Honestly…I still have some of it…even though it’s been years.  I threw a lot of it away too, after trying to give much of it away.  A bit wasteful.

I find subscription boxes can often be wasteful…I am a long time Ipsy subscriber and find about half of the products I’m sent I don’t ever use.  At least those are easy to rehome to teens at the barn, women’s shelters or selling on Poshmark.  The equestrian stuff…not so easy since the market is decidedly smaller than the market for makeup and skincare.

So all that being said, I was hesitant to jump back into the horsey subscription box idea, but I was very pleasantly surprised.

Cavali Club Spring 2020 Box Review

Included in the Spring Cavali Club Box was the following:

Leather Travel Wallet from Tucker Tweed Equestrian and Equitana USA – retail $85

Equifit Horsesox – Retail $29

Ponytail Products Foam and Frolic Lavender Bloom Infused Sponge for Horse and Rider – Retail $21

Cavali Club “Nobel Steed” wine stopper – retail $16

Love, Scarlet Equestrian Co. Helmet Refresh Helmet Deodorizer – retail $9.99

Limber Up (Back on Track) LiniMint Leg and Body Brace Foamer – Gel Sample- Retail $22 – I actually got something slightly different in my box.  I got the Foamer, but I got the Brace and Wash instead of the gel – My retail value was $28.

Kate Stephenson 8×10 print of “Charlie in off-white” – retail $25

Total retail value – $214


My Thoughts

My first impression upon receiving the box was “wow this box art is beautiful.”  Seriously…I was sad that the box had gotten all dinged up and I couldn’t figure out something to do with it other than reuse it for shipping.  So pretty.

My second impression was how well rounded the box was.  Unlike the box I subscribed to a long time ago, this box had a nice mixture of items for rider and horse (or both).  I was also really into the fact that they featured an equestrian artist with a photography print (evidently including art in their box is something they regularly do).  Fun.

Cavali Club Spring 2020 Box Review

I was of course immediately drawn to the gorgeous travel wallet from Tucker Tweed.  It’s going to be great for the next time I travel since I’m a stubborn person…and have thus far refused to get a RealID.  I just don’t understand going and standing in line at the DMV for hours to get something I can just use my passport for instead.  Seriously.

Anyways, so I’m very tempted to actually start using this as my regular wallet.  I only carry around a couple of cards as it is, and as is suggested in their insert, it makes a great little note pad cover.  That’s probably going to happen.  It’s just so pretty.  I think the leather quality may not be as nice as the Tucker Tweed regular line, but for a subscription box that makes sense.  It just doesn’t feel quite as buttery.  Obviously this box is more than 100% worth it for just this item if this is something you’ll use.  A very special little piece.

But it gets better.

Cavali Club Spring 2020 Box Review

Next item that made me go “ohhhh” was the sponge from Ponytail Products.  I could smell it when I opened the box…and have been non stop drive by “huffing it” every time I see it since.  It smells SO good.  I will 1000% NOT be using this on Mr. Moose and will be using it for myself instead.  Pending how it acts on my skin, I may end up buying this in the future.  Smells SO GOOD.

Cavali Club Spring 2020 Box Review

Next on my list to check out was the gorgeous (and heavyweight) wine stopper.  I have a couple of horsey themed ones, but this one is by far the prettiest.  It’s already seeing good use in this “shelter in place.”  (we are going through our wine stores faster than I would like to admit).  Probably not something I would have bought myself, but certainly something I will use.

Cavali Club Spring 2020 Box Review

I quickly set aside the two “horse items” to check out in a minute and pulled out the small and rather nondescript bottle to check out what it was, and wouldn’t you know…it’s a helmet deodorizing spray from Love, Scarlet Equestrian Co.  I just reviewed one from Equestrian Wellness the other day (and ordered another bottle from her), so now I’m stocked up for a while.  This will get used (and smells lovely).  Time will tell if I like it better or not or the same as the Equestrian Wellness one.  I’m a little dubious about this since it seems to have essential oils in it…and those don’t do well in plastic…but we shall see.

Cavali Club Spring 2020 Box Review

Next, I pulled out the Horsesox to examine them.  These are an interesting item and I wonder if they will help with the rubs Mr. Moose gets when he lays down.  It says use under boots, but I’m wondering if they can be left on overnight as is.  He may eat them.  Unsure.  Will have to try these out once we’re out of “shelter in place.”  Either way it’s an interesting product I don’t own and might solve a problem for me.  And it looks like there’s maybe enough for 4 socks (made in one long cut to fit tube).

Cavali Club Spring 2020 Box Review

Lastly I pulled out the Limber Up Linimint.  Do I really need more liniment?  No.  But at least this is a new brand to try.  I will absolutely end up using this on myself (because I always tend to need to share products with the horses…).  I’m interested to see how well it works.  Probably the least exciting thing in the box, but a really nice product either way.

Cavali Club Spring 2020 Box Review

Then there is the gorgeous print of which the only thing I wish is that it didn’t have a giant watermark on the top. I will probably end up cutting the print down to a long horizontal and framing it in a specialty frame to avoid the watermark.  I get having your name on your work, but this one seemed a bit much and quite obtrusive.

So is it worth it?

So…would I spend $50 (or $55 or $59) on all the items in this box put together…that’s the question.  What’s the real value to me.  The answer ends up being yes.  Would I value each of the items at their retail value, probably not, but I’d buy almost everything in this box anyways and for me the price is right.

So for value…this particular box is worth a retail value of $214.  If you pay for one box, it costs $59.  If you do a quarterly membership (pay every 3 months) it costs $55 a box.  If you do a yearly membership it’s $50 a box (pay $200 up front).  For any of those amounts, this box is a killer value.  Right now, if you want one of these Cavali Club Spring Boxes you can order a “gift box” for the $59 and get just this one box.  That’s pretty awesome.  So if you have your eye on that travel wallet, by all means you can buy this box right now.  Go for it.

So now I’m sitting here going…how can I not subscribe to this box?  Do I want to try out the quarterly first before going all in?  Do I just buy the yearly and save $20 and get it done with?  I honestly am not sure I can not subscribe.  It was just too well curated a box and I will use everything I got in this box.  I can risk it to see what the next 4 boxes bring right?  Tricky tricky subscription boxes! Lol.

All in all, based on my one box experience, I would have to recommend the Cavali Club Box.  Excellent and well rounded product choices with a lot of interesting items I will end up using.  I’m going to end up subscribing…I just know it.