Spot On Braiding Wax Review
10Overall Score
Ease of Use10

Every once in a while a product comes along and changes the way you do things forever.  Spot On Braiding Wax has done that for me.  Wow.  So simple…but such a game changer.  Clever clever!  (Thank you to Spot On for sending a sample for me to try!).

Now…I’m not going to say this made me a better braider…it didn’t (it made my braids look better…but didn’t help with my spacing or my sewing up consistently.  Nothing is going to work that magic).  I’m also not going to pretend it made Jax a better braidee…he’s terrible (it’s amazing I can get them in at all).  HOWEVER, it made the job so so so much more pleasant.

1. No horse throwing his head up in the air when I spray braid spray on my hands or in his mane (of course he finds plenty of other reasons to throw his head up in the air…).  Lol.

2. No sticky nasty mess on my hands during and after braiding and my hands don’t feel depleted of all moisture.  Wooooo!

Spot On Braiding Wax Review

3. It is super easy to use.  I mean…so much easier than trying to pump a sticky spray bottle.  Glide it over the hair a few times and done.  I actually loved the sample sized container because it fit in my pocket so well.  I’m not sure if the full size is similarly small, or won’t have that added benefit.

4. IT made it MUCH easier to get a grip on the mane hair for braiding and to have good solid separation with the braid strands.  It really makes the mane feel quite dirty (even if it isn’t) which is always a great feel for braids.  No slickness, no stickiness, no frazzled looking braids.

Spot On Braiding Wax Review

5. It made a huge difference in the look of the braids after sitting overnight (I almost always braid the day before a show…because braiding is a stressful experience for me and I don’t particularly enjoy it).  While there were still some flyaways, it was MUCH better than in the past with other braid products.  If I had been smart, I would have realized I could smooth down those flyaways pretty easy with another pass over the braids with the Spot On Braiding Wax…but alas…I’m a dummy and didn’t think of that.  I will absolutely try tat next show.

6. It comes in yummy smells (I got the lavender).  It also comes in peppermint…or unscented if that’s your jam.

Spot On Braiding Wax Review

7. The ingredients are actually good for your horse’s hair (and your skin), which to me is a huge bonus. No feeling bad about not washing out the mane when you take the braids out!

I think these are a GREAT value with the sample size having at least 3 more braid sessions in it…at least.  And I know the full size is a lot more product.  I will be buying more of this product when it starts to run out.  Unfortunately….with our show seasons all now on pause…who knows when that will be.

If you do have a horse with a wild, unruly mane, the Spot On Braiding Wax is also good for helping to “mane train.”

It’s an excellent product and I highly recommend it!

Spot On Braiding Wax Review