What I Use Showing - Rachel

What I Use Showing – Rachel

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To continue to the series of what I actually use regularly, I had a look at the products I use before or bring to horse shows.  I am focusing on one day shows (not overnights).  For overnights there’s a lot more brought along for me and the horse, but this focuses on a short trip to our local show grounds (which is our most common show type).

I have two sets of riding attire based on level being shown, but there’s lots of similarities between the two.

Riding Attire

Short Show CoatNoel Asmar

Shadbelly – Sarm Hippique

Show Shirt – Horseware, Sarm Hippique, Tredstep

Breeches – LeMieux Amara, Romfh Isabella Full Seat

BeltC4 (because what else would I use!)

Helmet – HKM, OneK

Stock TieEquus Couture (because who doesn’t want to stand out in a gorgeous stock tie?)

GlovesNoble Equestrian

UndergarmentsCheeta Trotter Bra and Cool Cat Tights

Boots – Mountain Horse, Pietre Elegance, Boot Crowns

Whip – Fleck Impulse (I use this one daily)

Luggage – Roma, Paul and Lydia (unfortunately went out of business, but if you can find some of their luggage bags, you’ll be thrilled.  They’re gorgeous and sturdy.)

What I Use Showing - Rachel

For the Horse

Saddle – Custom Saddlery

Girth/LeathersTotal Saddle Fit Girth and Leathers

Stirrups/Bits – Herm Sprenger

Bridles/Reins – Lund Saddlery for snaffle and Passier for my double.

Leg ProtectionVeredus or Equestrian Stockholm brushing boots.

BrowbandsEquus Couture, Polished Pony and Maiko Duchesse.

Saddle Pads –  LeMieux Half Pad, Cavallino Marino

What I Use Showing - Rachel


Bathing Pre-ShowEquiFuse CFS Shampoo, Showsheen Shampoo, E3 Argan Oil Conditioner, Equifuse Rehydrinse.   Knotty Horse Leave In Conditioner.

Braiding -Spot On Braiding Wax, Yarn, knitting needle, scissors, clips, razor main comb, rubber bands. Tail Bag.

Boot Cleaning/Polish and Tack CleaningSterling Essentials Leather Cleaner, Kiwi Parade Gloss polish, rags, nylons and lots and lots of elbow grease.

Show Grooming ToteThe Simple Equine Simple Suds Shampoo, Hands On Gloves, Roma Flick Brush and Haas Body Brush, Oster Tail Brush, hoof pick, Knotty Horse Detangler, Equus Marigold Spray, The Simple Equine Shine Spray, The Simple Equine Warm Weather Comfort Spray, RepelX Fly Spray, horse cookies of some variety.  Effax Speedy Leather Shine, Lexol Wipes and rags.

What I Use Showing - Rachel


Snacks/Drinks – Flavored Sparkling waters (Le Croix, Waterloo, Bubbly, ect.), Luna Bars, GogoSqueeze.  Water with electrolytes (NUUN are my favorites).

Extras – Fold up chair, show cooler (Horseware), extra halter/lead rope, printed tests and schedules, shipping boots, blanket/sheet if needed, collapsible bucket, hay/hay net, and lunge equipment (which is mostly unnecessary with Jax but was a MUST for Spice).