wehorse Subscription Review
8.6Overall Score
Ease of Use9
Quality of Content10
Quality of Video/Audio9
Value (month to month)6
Value (year subscription)9

I have had a few requests for reviewing video learning subscriptions over the years, and had never gotten around to reviewing any (despite being a member of a couple of popular ones for a couple of years).  Recently, I was contacted by a company called wehorse to see if I was interested in trying out their site and reviewing it, and of course (as a nerd that likes to dressage from the comfort of my couch as well as from the back of a horse) I said yes!

After logging in and looking around things looked VERY familiar to me.  Even the voice over dubs sounded familiar.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until I found a specific video that I had absolutely seen before!  I owned it on DVD even.  Of course!  Even the logo was the same.  It was content from Pferdia TV in subscription form!  How cool!  I was impressed with the content I bought from this company already, so I was excited to see more.

Wehorse Subscription Review

I was not disappointed.  There are currently over 170 videos that have been dubbed over in English from various European trainers (170 + videos may not sound like much…but that’s easily over 2,500 minutes of content based on the length of most of the videos.  If you can get through that in a couple of months, I’m impressed.  That being said, there are other subscription sites with more content available, so if quantity is what you want, this one is lacking just a bit.  While I love watching our local US based trainers teach…getting to watch Ingrid Klimke take a lesson is invaluable… I have now watched a good dozen or so of the videos in the last couple of weeks and am absolutely ready to see more.  Trainers featured are Anja Beran, Jessica von Bredow-Werndl, Uta Graf, Bettina Hoy, Philippe Karl, Ingrid Klimke, Dr. Reiner Klimke, and lots more!

Wehorse Subscription Review

The wehorse website easy to navigate with the ability to look at videos by subject and by trainer.  The video quality is excellent (some of the videos are older…so those videos are grainy as the cameras shot them that way to begin with), the streaming is fast, and the voice overs are easy to understand.  And the content of the videos is excellent.  There’s content from the very basic beginnings to upper level stuff.  I would think that this would be an excellent tool for any trainer to have access to for showing students (it’s super easy to use on your phone or tablet as well).   They also have an excellent blog with a lot of information that ties into various videos on their site.  The blog is public no matter if you subscribe or not.


Wehorse Subscription Review

My only notes on this site (in terms of minor issues) is that I wish there was a way to favorite videos to save for later (if there is a way to do this now, it’s not clear how to do it).  And occasionally the website signs me out after a couple of minutes for no particular reason while I’m browsing or watching a video (I wish there was a “keep me signed in” option.  Slightly annoying, but not a deal breaker.  So it gets a little ding in the Ease of Use category for me. Note:  the next update to the website in the next couple of months is adding a favorite/liking feature to save videos and they are working on the log in thing as well.  Yay! 

Wehorse Subscription Review

I think the $16 a month for the 12 month subscription is totally reasonable and on par with other subscriptions.  I do think their month to month price of $27 is a little expensive however for the amount of content available.  It does seem like a very large price difference between the two options.

All in all I really have enjoyed using wehorse and would absolutely recommend the content for anyone looking to learn from excellent dressage and jump trainers from Europe.  I do wish they would reconsider their month to month pricing a bit however.

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