Equestrian Wellness Rider Aide Winter Brew Review

Equestrian Wellness Rider Aide Winter Brew Review

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Health Benefits

I will be reviewing a number of products from Equestrian Wellness over the next many months!  I’m so excited to feature this awesome company that focuses on …of course…Wellness for equestrians and also provides a number of healthy alternative products using people friendly ingredients.   After trying and reviewing the regular Rider Aide, I was pumped to hear there was a Winter Brew coming and ordered it the moment it was available.  We equestrians spend so much time worrying about our horse’s wellness…that we rarely think of our own.  Thankfully Equestrian Wellness is here to remind us that our bodies matter too.

This yummy hot chocolate version of Rider Aide was created to help equestrians make healthy drink choices in the winter time and help battle winter health woes.  Instead of chugging that bulk Costco container sized Swiss Miss (we have all done it…no shame), reach for this healthy (and super tasty) option instead.  I personally found the taste of this product excellent and with a lot more flavor complexities than your standard hot cocoa (in fact, it was more like drinking a luxury coffee shop drink).   It’s SOOOO good.

Equestrian Wellness Rider Aide Winter Brew Review

It’s sweet enough to be yummy, but you can’t literally chew the sugar crystals in it like you can your store bought cocoa mix.  For sweeteners it uses maple sugar (which adds a nice depth of flavor and extra minerals).  It also uses real cacao…yum!  And coconut milk powder to add creaminess and some extra good for you ingredients that help stabilize blood sugar, reduce inflammation, boosts the immune system, and helps the body cope with stress.  All in all the formulation is both delicious and excellent for your body (unlike that other cocoa you’re sipping on).

All in all, I find it a more than suitable alternative for my cold day drink needs and I’ll for sure be buying more of this in the future.

I have basically the same comments as I did for the regular Rider Aide in terms of packaging and value.  The price is a little high per serving and will put it out of reach of some budgets (however the health benefits far outweigh the price negative imo and for a health drink, the price is low).  The ease of use isn’t 100% either since they are not single serving packs and you need to be able to measure out the correct amount per serving (which isn’t a step easily done rushing around the barn).   Note: A fix to the packaging issue is in the works according to Valerie!

You can purchase the Rider Aide Winter Brew here!