Hello there.  Thank you for being part of our tribe here at Decidedly Equestrian.  It has been an absolutely awesome 5 (almost 6 years).  Since the holidays, I have been doing a lot of thinking about the future of this website (as well as my other projects) as Derby has been taking up so much of my time (she’s precious and so much fun!) and something has to change. There’s simply not enough hours in the day.

What triggered this?  A few weeks back I simply….forgot to post something.  I had articles already written up to publish, formatted and ready to go (several in fact).  All I needed to do was hit publish and… I just forgot.  My first thought was “oh shit, what am I going to do? I can’t believe I didn’t publish this week.  You’re such a slacker!”  My second thought was “Why is it such a big deal?”  This particular situation got me thinking about all of my projects, my time and how stretched thin I am.

This website has never made money.  What money it does bring in through affiliates goes directly back into hosting fees, domain name ownership, software/app updates and shipping and prizes for occasional giveaways.  Needless to say, this website is in the negative.  Why?  Because it’s never been my priority to make money.  It’s always been my priority to have awesome content.  I’ve never had the time to spend selling ad space… as good as my intentions have been on that front for years… AND come up and write good content.  I just have too many other projects going on.  That being said, since keeping the number of articles posted up for advertisers isn’t a thing right now… it doesn’t matter how often I post.  Not really.  It’s not going to make a difference to my readers if a post goes up this week or next, just if it goes up at some point.

The same thing goes for reviews.  While it’s nice to get products to test, if I spent the time working my other jobs that I have spent testing, photographing and writing reviews of products, I could have bought all of those products (x10) with that money I earned.  Reviews, while being fun to try new things and find products I can’t live without, are not “profitable” for me.  I’ve done them simply because I feel that there are not enough trustworthy reviews out there on many horse products. I’ve done them for you.

Why…you might ask…have I spent thousands of hours on a project that costs me money?  Well…I asked myself that same question and the answer was quick to come.  People.  I have done it for people.  I have done it for you because I know that as a horse person, having good reviews I can trust is important.  I have done it for the amazing friends I’ve met along the way.  Without this website, I would not have nearly the amount of special folks in my life that I do.  It’s funny how when you’re in the process of doing reviews and interviewing people, you can become friends.  There is just an abundance of awesome out there in the horse world and I can’t at this time imagine not doing this project.  It’s simply brought me too much joy, friendship and knowledge to stop now.  I still have so many people left to meet.

So why do I need to publish twice a week (or more)?  Well…I don’t.  And going forward, I probably won’t.  I am going to refocus my efforts on Decidedly Equestrian from quantity to…quality as it happens naturally.  I’m not going to be stressing to find interesting things to share with you twice a week any more, but will be posting as things come along.  If I have 2 articles for you in a week of awesome…then great.  If not…then I’m not going to stress to come up with something.

That being said, I do have quite a lot of interesting reviews and articles planned this year, so we are not going anywhere…  We are just going to be slightly less consistent.

Thank you again for being along with the ride with us.  I have had a lot of fun writing articles, researching, testing, photographing, finding crazy/fun/cool/needed things to shop for, discovering artists, and meeting people along this path.  I look forward to years more of it to come.

– Rachel