The Simple Equine Happy Hooves Conditioner Review
9.3Overall Score
Ease Of Use10
Scent/Skin Benefits/Packaging9

If you’ve been following this page for any time at all, you’ll know I am a huge fan of The Simple Equine.  I have tried almost every product from her (and reviewed them) and any time she comes out with something new, I have to give it a go.  I ordered the The Simple Equine Happy Hooves Conditioner back over the summer for Spice… well poor Spice never really got to try it out.  I used it on him once…it was hard to jump back into this review after that, but eventually it was going to get used.

I’ve been using this product on Jax for the last couple of months with good results.  Jax needs to be outside, so he’s in a small paddock instead of a stall 24-7.  Because of that, he’s out in the nasty mud.  I’ve been treating his feet like precious diamonds since rainy season started to keep him sound.  Thrush medication, moisturizers, water barriers…all sorts of things!

The Simple Equine Happy Hooves Conditioner Review

I have been using this all-natural product to add a little moisture back into his hooves before I seal them up to keep the rain (and mud made of poo) out.  I have found that it does an excellent job and it smells nice and as a benefit, it’s good for my hands too.  The ingredients are designed to encourage hoof growth and circulation, but I don’t really have any good way of measuring that…but the condition of his hooves has improved since using this.

It is a super easy product to use and I’m not at all concerned about getting it on me, which is fabulous (unlike so many other products).  You are supposed to apply it directly below the coronet band.  I massage it in to the coronet area and use it a couple of times a week.

I think it’s an excellent all natural option to add to your hoof care routine!

The Simple Equine Happy Hooves Conditioner Review