Equestrian Wellness Show Face Refresh Spray Review
9.2Overall Score
Ease of Use8
Performance/Skin Benefits10

I will be reviewing a number of products from Equestrian Wellness over the next many months!  I’m so excited to feature this awesome company that focuses on …of course…Wellness for equestrians and also provides a number of healthy alternative products using people friendly ingredients.   Thank you Valerie for sending a box of products to try and review!

The next on the list I’ve been using since I pulled all the products out of the box…and that is the Equestrian Wellness Show Face Refresh Spray.   This little bottle is a real luxury for me, and I love using it to wind down after I get home from the barn.  After showering, I spritz some on my hands and pat it on my face before applying whatever my anti-aging serum or moisturize du jour is.  I continue my wind down with a bite of chocolate and a cup of tea (and if I’m lucky, lunch) before Derby demands all my attention for the rest of the day.

Equestrian Wellness Show Face Refresh Spray Review

This spray has a lovely fresh scent from the aloe and rose and those skin loving ingredients mixed with vitamin E and an all natural antimicrobal probiotic made from radishes and coconut leaves skin feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and moisturized.  Since I discovered face sprays last summer, they have been a staple to help add extra moisture to my dry skin, and I REALLY like this one a lot.  I think it is a great value and a little goes a long way.

My only miss with this product is the sprayer.  It’s aggressive.  You cannot spray it directly on your face as it comes out in more a stream than a mist.  I spray a couple sprays into my palm and then pat it on my face gently.  I’d prefer to spray it directly on, but the mist isn’t light enough.  Because of that I gave it a little ding for quality (since the packaging isn’t the best) and for ease of use since it adds an extra step and I have to introduce bacteria from my hands to my face.

I am very happy with this product and would absolutely purchase it in the future.  I would 100% replace my current go-to if the sprayer improved on this one since I like the simple, natural ingredients and I love what it does for my skin.

As with all the Equestrian Wellness products, you can purchase them and learn more here!  She is always coming up with new and improved products to her line up, so keep an eye out for new things!  I’m excited to review the other items she sent for you in the coming months.

Equestrian Wellness Review