2019 Year In Review

2019 was a little crazy.  I’m not going to lie.  To say I achieved all my goals for the year would be a complete untruth.  But sometimes s$%@ happens right?  Honestly…the last half of 2018 was pretty rough too for several reasons personally, as I wrote about last year.  But when life gives you lemons…you make lemon bars, lemon aid, squeeze those wedges into your soda water, make a lemon based pasta sauce…you get the idea.  You have to keep on keeping on or you risk becoming someone that just lets life happen to you…instead of having a say about it.

In 2019 two major things happened that changed my life.  I had my beautiful daughter Derby.  I lost my best friend Spice (and have struggled since to find my footing at the barn).  The fact that those things happened within a couple of months of each other didn’t make anything easier.  Postpartum stress and hormones plus a huge loss for sure lead me down some dark paths…but I made it through.  I think.  Some days still suck.  Both life changing days made it really hard to get a lot of my goals done this year…due to time…due to sadness…due to pain both physical and mental…but guess what?  I got a surprising amount done anyways.  How?  Perseverance.  Grit.  Fortitude.  Pure stubbornness.

My Goal Wrap Up

I’m going to start this list with the big one I failed.  The big one that hurt me this year.  The one I could do nothing about.  The one there was no possible fix for.  Why am I starting with this?  Because sometimes #&$! happens…as I said before.  Sometimes there’s nothing much that can be done to salvage that goal in the short term.  That’s okay.  If it’s important…you’ll get there eventually.

– Show at PSG with Spice and earn my Silver Medal.  Goal Not done.  I did show once in 2019 at PSG with Spice with two scores of 56%.  After a long break for having my baby, we were ready to go back out and show late summer when Spice passed one week before our first show back.  However I did show at PSG…I did improve significantly from our PSG debut in 2018 and I’m absolutely certain we would have gotten our needed scores this fall if we had the chance.  As it is I’m just so so so thankful for those last few rides on him and how incredibly in tune we were.  So while the goal wasn’t complete…we got as close to getting it done as the universe allowed.  So I call it a win.

– Ride through pregnancy.  Done.  I rode until 37 weeks.  I was back on 2 and a half weeks after birth.  I was lucky to get to enjoy my horse and really work on some basics while I was pregnant.

– Polish our communication under saddle.  Improve contact.   Improve balance and relaxation.  – All done…and it was a blessing.

– Have my baby with no pain medication and minimal interference. Done.

– Read at least 5 books – Done!

– Increase DE readership and keep bringing great and fresh content to our readers!  Done!  We even had a post go VERY viral!

–  Provide more value to the companies we feature on DE.  Offer sponsorships and advertising for the first time.  Done!

– Finish my book draft and send off to readers. Done!

–  Keep working after baby.  Almost done.  I did let one job drop, but kept all the others and added one more!  I have to say, that having a baby changed priorities for me and some things have been pushed to the side.  I have realized that my time is way more valuable than I had previously respected and stopped giving away so much for free!  That’s a big goal for next year.

–  Visit with one friend outside of barn time in person at least once a month. Done!

– Lose the baby weight.  Not even close to done…but I’m back fitting in my old clothes.   Not sure how that works being 20 lbs heavier…but oh well.  A goal for 2020.

There were several other smaller goals achieved…and not achieved…as life goes.  Those not achieved are being looked at for 2020 to see if I actually need/want to achieve them…or if it’s possible.  Some will get thrown out.  Some will be brought back again.  New goals will be added!

So now that I’ve talked about my year…what about yours?

What goals did you reach in 2019?
What goals do you have for 2020?
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I’m absolutely here for you if you have any questions or just want to talk about whatever!  Email me! [email protected]  My inbox is always open (seriously…I’m up all night feeding a baby still…it’s ALWAYS open). 😉