Elemental Equine Skin Salvation Balm Review

Elemental Equine Skin Salvation Balm Review

Ease of Use

This is the last one of our product reviews from the Elemental Equine product line.  We have really enjoyed trying out these top quality horse care products and hope you have enjoyed learning about them too!  Thanks to Elemental Equine for sending us a jar of the Skin Salvation Balm to try and review.

This particular product was developed to combat scratches, but they have found it effective against all sorts of issues.  I personally ended up using it on a couple of skin issues now with good results each time.

The biggest issue I used this for was for Spice in the early summer of this year.  There were some different bug/fly situations going on this year than normal and he was getting eaten alive.  Literally…bloody, itchy horrible bites all over him.  His legs, his muzzle, his belly…  Fly spray didn’t help.  Fly boots, a fly mask and a fly sheet only helped some.  These bites were so bad and itchy they took forever to heal up as well since he kept scratching them, reopening them to bloody and all products I tried on him did nothing.  I decided to try the Skin Salvation Balm on them and sure enough…it helped heal them up within a week of application.  Note photo is before trying the Skin Salvation Balm (and after about a week or so of trying to treat them with other products).  You can see the one near his underlip is raw and bleeding here.  He had these all over his nose, all four legs, belly and sides.  It was horrible!Elemental Equine Skin Salvation Balm Review

Anyways the Skin Salvation Balm is a super thick, white paste that is a bit icky to apply (much like diaper cream…but even thicker and stickier) and really hard to wash off once you’ve got it on your hands (or horse).  It sticks like glue.  (Tip: use gloves or a baby bum cream spatula thingy).  So it gets a little ding for ease of use because of the mess.

That stickiness is really a part of the benefit however.  It does not rub off easily.  It does not sweat off.  It does not melt off.  It stays exactly where you put it.  It helped create a barrier between the bites and everything else for Spice and was the only thing that actually helped heal these up (seriously…they were there for weeks…).  I’m super impressed with this product for this purpose if nothing else.

I have also used it on a couple of funky skin things on a couple of horses backs and legs with great affect.  It doesn’t take much and helps heal up issues/clean up issues quickly.

A little bit goes a long way, so the value is quite good.  This is a pretty large jar of ointment!  It is another fantastic product from Elemental Equine.  You aren’t amiss to try out anything in this line!