Equestrian Wellness Stable to City Wipes Review

Ease of Use
Scent/Skin Benefits

I will be reviewing a number of products from Equestrian Wellness over the next many months!  I’m so excited to feature this awesome company that focuses on …of course…Wellness for equestrians and also provides a number of healthy alternative products using people friendly ingredients.   Thank you Valerie for sending a box of products to try and review!

Today I’ll be reviewing a product that would be a perfect stocking stuffer for your trainer!  Seriously…Perfect.  Today’s product is the Stable to City Wipes.  This product is a tube of small tablets that turn into gorgeous face wipes when a little water is added.

These tiny tablets are fabulous, let me tell you.  I do have to admit I was very excited to try these as I’m generally pretty darned filthy when I leave the barn.  And I do ALL kinds of stuff after the barn.  Grocery shopping, coffee shop, work…sometimes, Sephora (yeah they love it when I show up stinking) and plenty of other places where my dirty face, mud covered hands, wild hair and gross boots turn people away.


Sure…I can put my hair back up in a ponytail and hose my boots down before leaving.  I can wash my hands or splash my face with the freezing cold water in the bathroom and let it air dry because there are no towels…

Or…I can use these!

A simple quick splash of water and a fairly large and soft towel unfolds.  I quickly wiped down my face and neck.  Then ran the towel over my hair to tame frizzies and take a bit of the surface dirt off.  Then I used the towel to scrub down my hands and arms (yup…that’s mud above on my arm…not a bruise).  Redo my pony tail.  A little lip gloss on and  Tada!  I’m ready for a shopping trip (once I hose my boots off).

As mentioned, the towels are nicely sized and soft enough to use on your sensitive face skin.  They’re also loaded with goodies that actually help your skin…like argan oil, coconut oil, rose, frankincense, copaiba, and geranium.  Good stuff and no bad stuff.  And the wipes are biodegradable.   I mean…how did they get all this goodness in these little tabs.  Crazy!  Anyways…they smell fabulous and clean REALLY well and make my skin feel wonderful after using them.  Quite impressive for some little purse tablets!


I am super impressed with these and love the perfect container that slides nicely in your purse.  Easy to take anywhere and easy to use anywhere.  These will become a staple in my purse…perfect for those days I have to go somewhere after the barn and don’t have time for a full shower.  They’re certainly easier to use and better for my skin than using baby wipes or makeup removing wipes that are full of all sorts of nasty things I don’t actually want to leave on my skin (not to mention the giant packages).

I do find the price on these just a hair high being $1.20 per wipe, but I think for the quality, I have no problem paying that price and highly recommend them!

After two awesome products, I’m pumped to try the rest of the Equestrian Wellness line!

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