Thanksgivings 2019

This is the week of gratitude…at least that is what society tells us.  In all truth, if we aren’t all grateful for something…or many things…every day we will become angry, bitter and sad people.  Gratitude is everything.  Sometimes we forget to be thankful.  Sometimes we have a bad day.  Sometimes our computer crashes.   Sometimes our horse dies (I got that one covered this year).   Sometimes we lose our jobs.  Sometimes we lose our health.  Sometimes our homes are flooded.  Sometimes we total our car.  Sometimes we lose friends. Sometimes life isn’t perfect.

But if you really (sometimes REALLY REALLY) dig deep, there is much to be grateful for in life.

This year I am grateful for so so so many things.

I am grateful for my wonderful and supportive husband that insists I keep riding, no matter what, to keep me sane.
I am grateful for my playful and healthy daughter that I get to have fun with every day.
I am grateful for wonderful parents that are still on this planet with me and that I get to see them every once in a while…even if not as much as I’d like (and much extended family to love).
I am grateful for endless patience from my horse trainer Brenda…seriously…she’s a saint (not to mention her great gift of trusting me with her dear Spice for the last three years).
I am grateful that I was gifted with the boundless love of a horse named Spice and how amazing it was that he took care of me and Derby while I was pregnant.  I am grateful for the three years I had with him and everything he taught me.  I am grateful that our last rides together were our very best.  I am grateful I was able to be with him when he was lost in so much pain and say goodbye and hold him as he left this world.
I am grateful that I found a cool new horse I’m leasing named Jax to continue my learnings and I’m grateful that he’s almost completely opposite of Spice in most ways (young, much less training, goofy as heck, not very sensitive, not spooky, not light off the aids, not fussy in the contact…seriously…SO much learning to be had).
I am grateful for so many cool people I have met running this website including my fellow writers, company owners and some fabulous fabulous readers that inspire me all the time.
I am grateful for the ability, time, energy and finances to keep riding horses, work on this website, write my book and work on my various other projects I always have going.
I am grateful for the nights of almost uninterupted sleep now that my daughter is sleeping better (2 times is way better than 6).
I am grateful for the crisp fall air, the rain…but also the sun and so many beautiful days living here in California.
I am grateful for you and all that you have brought to my life, either in Facebook messages or phone calls, or in person meet ups or for interactions yet to come.
I am grateful for so so so much more.

As the weather turns cold and bleak… As the stress of the holiday season descends…  As the days get shorter…

Remember to be grateful for something every day.  It will change your life. (in fact…there are apps for that!…check them out!).