Equestrian Wellness Rider Aide Review
9Overall Score
Ease of Use8
Health Benefits10

I will be reviewing a number of products from Equestrian Wellness over the next many months!  I’m so excited to feature this awesome company that focuses on …of course…Wellness for equestrians and also provides a number of healthy alternative products using people friendly ingredients.   Thank you Valerie for sending a box of products to try and review!

First up for review is the Equestrian Wellness Rider Aide.  I have to admit I was really excited to try this product and it didn’t disappoint.  It is a vitamin C/electrolyte hydration drink mix that takes some of the dirty ingredients out that competitors use…and really focuses on being clean and truly healthy for the body!  It’s all natural, gluten-free and has no artificial flavors, sweeteners or dyes.

Equestrian Wellness Rider Aide Review

I was a little confused at first glance if I was supposed to use the whole package (since that’s how competitor products work).  After getting smart and actually reading the package there are 6 servings per pouch, and I pulled out my measuring spoon and scooped out some.  It would be a bit easier to use this product I think in different packaging or if it came with a scoop of some sort (or had some sort of measuring system within the package).  Sometimes it’s hard to find a spoon around the barn.  (NOTE:  Equestrian Wellness let me know they are working on single serving packaging for 2020, so problem solved).

The strawberry powder is obvious upon mixing…as it looks like there are floating strawberry seeds in the mix!  Looks legit.  It mixed super easily and didn’t clump up at all.

Equestrian Wellness Rider Aide Review

How did it taste?  Refreshing.  Light.  Delicious.  Unlike competitor products, this is not going to punch you in the face with flavor.  It tastes real.  It doesn’t taste like candy.  It is just slightly sweet and does it’s job of rehydrating you and providing much needed  electrolytes and vitamin C for those long days at the barn (or when you’re feeling under the weather).  I really have enjoyed drinking it and I think it’s an excellent stocking stuffer for your horse trainer and barn friends!  It is that time of year after all (throw in a Stable to City wipe package too while your at it).

The price is a little high for 6 servings imo, but the quality is top notch (so it’s getting a ding on value for me, but maybe you’re not as cheap as I am when it comes to beverages).  The price breaks down to $1.67 per cup, so it’s for sure cheaper than your cup of coffee in the morning.

Learn more about Equestrian Wellness on their website and check out their other product lines too!

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