What I Use – Grooming – Rachel

What I Use – Grooming – Rachel

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I thought it might be fun, since we’re constantly reviewing products, for the Decidedly Equestrian team to start sharing with you what we actually use day to day.  Some reviewed stuff is going to show up here…surprise surprise…and some isn’t!  Aren’t you a bit curious what ends up in our regular rotation?

Shampoo – Equifuse for every bath.  Showsheen if I need to add a little shine before a show.
Equifuse CFS, Showsheen Shampoo

Conditioner – smells amazing (so does the shampoo), easy in and and easy out of the tail.  Not hard to rinse off!
E3 Argan Oil Conditioner

Specialty Shampoo –  Tea Tree for minor skin issues.  Baby shampoo for head/ears/forelock!
E3 Tea Tree Shampoo

Body Rinse – This stuff adds killer shine after a bath and helps keep your horse cleaner longer.  Also makes the coat SUPER soft.  Excellent product.
Equifuse Rehydrinse

What I Use – Grooming – Rachel

Body Moisture/Shine Spray – Smells amazing.  Adds great moisture and shine.  Not slippery and helps repel flies.
Eqyss Marigold Spray

Spray On Shampoo/Spot Shampoo – I don’t use a spot shampoo often, but this one is fabulous.  Smells good, easy to use, cleans well and low foam/suds so minimal wipe down/wash off needed.  Plus it’s all natural!
Simple Equine Simple Suds

Mane and Tail – A few favorites here.  Canter Mane and Tail adds back moisture and helps detangle.  Knotty Horse Detangler smells like HEAVEN and really gets out those bad tangles and helps protect hair from breakage.  Simple Equine is an all natural tail treatment that helps improve the tail over time (root treatment).
Canter Mane and Tail
Knotty Horse Detangler
Simple Equine Tail Treatment

What I Use – Grooming – Rachel


Brushes -I love Haas body brushes and have several!  HandOn Gloves are a huge hit with all the horses, so I have a couple of pairs!  I love the Epona Flower Shedder for taking off hair gently.  This Oster tail brush has lasted me almost a decade and looks to last another decade…  Ditto this Roma dandy brush… I’ve bought newer ones…but this one wears like iron and works so well at flicking off dirt I can’t get rid of it.

Haas Body Brushes
HandsOn Gloves
Epona Flower Shedder
Oster Tail Brush
Roma Dandy Brush


What I Use – Grooming – Rachel

Fly Spray –  RepelX kills flies AND lasts a long time AND isn’t stupid expensive.  This product is old school, but it works.  I combine it daily with the Simple Equine natural oil based spray for the best of both worlds!
RepelX Concentrate
RepelX Lotion
The Simple Equine Warm Weather Comfort Spray


What I Use – Grooming – Rachel

Thrush Treatment –  Messy to use and not cheap, but this stuff heals up heel cracks and bad thrush REALLY well.
No Thrush

Skin Conditions –  I’ve had excellent luck with all three of these products for different issues!  I think all are must haves in your tack trunk.

Elemental Equine Skin Salvation Spray

Eqyss Micro Tech

Hay Where’s That Blue Stuff


What I Use – Grooming – Rachel

Minor Injuries/AbrasionsCorona Ointment

Liniment – I use this on myself and horses!  Love it!
Natural Release Muscle Wash

What I Use – Grooming – Rachel

Leather Cleaner – Smells great, cleans even better!
Sterling Essentials

Leather Conditioner –  The only thing I use on my saddle per the rep’s instructions so I always have a jar!
Effax Leatherbalm