Decidedly Dressage: New Adventures

New adventures abound for me these last several months.  The biggest of course has been my wonderful daughter (who gives me lots of laughs).  The loss of Spicey sent me on a bit of a tailspin.  It coming so close on the heels of my daughter being born almost took me down.  It was a rough several months, but I’m coming out the other side with a lot of excitement for the future.

I have been taking a number of lessons on a couple of different horses (both of which are awesome guys), and I have a lease lined up to start November 1st.  I did manage to take a little break for the last month and a half, only riding once a week, but now it’s back to the regular routine (which is actually a new routine!).

Meet Jax!  He’s a…warmblood of some sort.   I think.  Ha!  He is a HUGE liver chestnut with a cute face.  He’s young…8 maybe?  He’s rehabbing from some type of injury…  He’s weak and needs a lot of work to get him into dressage shape.  Funny I don’t seem to know too many specifics about him, but it doesn’t matter.  I like riding him.  He’s a funny personality and happens to remind me of Champ quite a bit.

On top of that I’m still looking in to the possibility of buying something…or leasing an FEI horse in the near future.  We shall see!  I’ve looked at a few and talked to quite a few people, but haven’t quite found exactly what I’m looking for yet.  I’m looking forward to looking some more and finding MY horse.  I know he/she is out there.  The timing just needs to be right.

On top of that I’m working on opening a new business (fun!).  I also picked my book back up and started editing it again (it’s been over two years since I looked at it).  I can’t wait to get it out to publishers and to get the business up and running!

Exciting new adventures are ahead!