Stubben Brush On Conditioner Review
8.4Overall Score
Ease of Use/Bottle10

The Stubben Brush On Conditioner is something I have used on and off for many years now.  It’s not super easy to find in local tack shops, but when I see it I end up buying it because I’m just in love with the scent (Rose and Green Tea) and it’s a beautiful color in a nice bottle.  It always catches my eye.  It is one of those scents that stays with you and you always think back on it and go “man I wish I had some of that.  It smells so good.”

It is a pretty decent spray on conditioner and does a good job detangling and it doesn’t attract dirt like many sprays and leaves a nice shine on the tail.  I also have used it as an all over body conditioning spray and it does a good job making the hair soft and shiny and helps to get out stains.  I have used it on Titan, Champ and Spice…so that shows you how long and how many times I have given this product a shot.

Stubben Brush On Spray Review

Besides being a little tricky to find, it is a bit pricey in my opinion for the size of the bottle and the payoff.  I always end up rebuying it every couple of years because I don’t remember if I thought it was worth the price or not…and it smells so good…  Every time I used it and finish a bottle I think “I wish it wasn’t so pricey.  I would probably buy this regularly.”  To me, there are some other products that do just as good (or better a job) that have better value, so I end up going with those.

I think it’s a good and perfectly usable product that smells wonderful and has a great spray bottle…but for me the value just isn’t there.

Stubben Brush On Spray Review