Shop for A Cause: Equi-Spa Fairy Tails Orchid Oil Gloss
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Ease of Use8.5
This month I’ll be featuring some of Equi-Spa’s products in reviews because for the month of April 2019, Equi-Spa is holding a 20% off sale to celebrate their new addition at home:  Ms. Oympio!  Missy was recently adopted by Equi-Spa owner Sherie Vermeer in partnership with Neigh Savers Foundation (an organization I work with regularly to re-home OTTBs).  Sherie plans to provide this former race horse and broodmare a forever home where she can live comfortably and with dignity for the rest of her life.  In addition to the 20% off for you, 10% of profits will be donated to Neigh Savers!  So get to shopping and do a little good at the same time!
The products from Equi-Spa are spa quality, premium horse-care products formulated from all-natural ingredients and aromatic plant essences.  Because of this they are safe for your horse and for you and this one is safe for your long coated dogs too that need extra moisture for their coat.  I love that.  I’ve always been a sucker for natural products that work well and anything that has multiple uses…even better.
Shop for A Cause: Equi-Spa Fairy Tails Orchid Oil Gloss
Fairy Tails Orchid Oil Gloss is an oil, so it adds a ton of moisture and shine to the hair and really smooths down frizzies.  I am impressed with how pretty it made Spice’s hair look and after using it a few times, how it made his dry tail hair feel (so much softer and happier).  It does smell wonderful, but it’s a VERY strong smelling product.  While that works fine for Spice, when I used it in my hair the scent overwhelmed me (and my husband).   While it did a beautiful job sleeking down my waves, it’s going to stay at the barn for Spice simply because the scent is too strong for me for a person.  Sure does cover up horse stink real well though!
It does a great job of adding shine and moisture to the hair and does aid in detangling a bit, but not as much as I’d like.  They do have other products in their line that are more geared towards serious detangling however, so I think for a mild bit of tangles, this product works fine.  As you can see in the photos, it makes his tail look gorgeous and is a great show day addition to add a little shine.
Shop for A Cause: Equi-Spa Fairy Tails Orchid Oil Gloss

It’s supposed to come with a spray nozzle I believe, but I received it with a pour cap.   That may have been an issue with the sprayer just not making it to me from Neigh Savers, or maybe Equi-Spa didn’t send one.  I don’t know.   I found it a little difficult to apply the way it was (since it is a thin oil) and think with a sprayer it would be much easier.  I ended up probably using much more than I needed to per use simply because I didn’t have a sprayer.  I had to give it a little knock for ease of use there.

All in all I really like the Fairy Tails Orchid Oil Gloss and the other products I’m trying out from Equi-Spa.   It makes me curious to try out more!  And with a sale and proceeds going to Neigh Savers Foundation, I’m not sure I can resist shopping!