M.O.S.S. Grooming Wipes Review

MOSS Fresh Rider Grooming Wipes Review

Convenience/Ease of Use
Scent and Packaging

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Every rider has their shortcuts, their barn hacks, their must haves.  I have quite a number myself (and I’m sure you do too)!  I have a LOT of products that I adore for making life at the barn easier and one of my favorite products in the winter to save time is MOSS Fresh Rider Grooming Wipes.

These are pre-moistened wipes that are great for getting off the gunk, saddle marks and sweat after a winter ride (and to make dirty spots from laying in poop and pee and mud cleaner!) without having to use water in the cold weather.  They do not leave a residue and the coat is cleaner and shinier.  These are also great for cleaning off those sensitive spots on your horse, like around their face and ears and between their hind legs.  They come in a couple of scents (Lavender and Peppermint) and Spicey likes them both.

They aren’t the cheapest grooming product costing around $0.65 per wipe with 26 wipes come in a container.  I use one sheet per ride, so one bottle could last you around a month (or more if you ride less).  For winter, they really can’t be beat though and have a permanent spot in my tack trunk!