The Hoof Heal All - Hooflex Magic Cushion Review

The Hoof Heal All – Hooflex Magic Cushion Review

Ease of Use

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Spice has Thoroughbred feet.  If you have a TB or have ever had one…you know what I’m talking about.  They get sore easily.  They crack easily.  They’re not great…  When I first took over the lease on him, he had pretty bad heel cracks and reoccurring thrush.  He currently has solid heels and no thrush and it has been that way for almost a year now.  It was sure a process to get it all healed up and happy.  I tried several products over the years and ended up being SUPER happy with the results I got from No Thrush (read review here) and Leovet Frog Medic…which is a bit hard to find (read review here).  I still use both of these for basic preventative treatments now that there is no active issue.  I’ve also used that cow udder stuff with great success.  The last tool in my arsenal is Hooflex Magic Cushion.

Hooflex Magic Cushion is a bit of a heal all for feet.  When Spicey comes up sore after a trim…I pack him up.  When he randomly comes up with a chunk missing from his foot…I pack him up.  When I slip picking his feet and end up with my hoof pick stabbing into his tender frog with blood dripping out and call the farrier and vet in a panic….I pack him up.  When he’s got active thrush, sometimes I pack him up then too.  This stuff has never failed me…not even that bloody panic freak out time…

Every time I have used Hooflex Magic Cushion I have been super pleased with the results.  Always noticeably less soreness and quick resolution to the problem.  It helps heal thrush.  It soothes bruising.  And I’ve never even bought the Extreme version (I’m sure it’s even better).

It’s super easy to apply on a stalled horse that wears shoes (even in his stall/paddock, this pack stays in for days until I pick it out).  If the horse doesn’t have shoes…this method won’t really work and you’ll need to wrap the foot.  If the horse is galloping in a pasture…ditto you’re probably not going to get this method to work, so wrap it up.

Clean the foot (really get in there and brush everything out).  Wear gloves (WEAR GLOVES!  Please listen and wear gloves or you’ll end up a gooey, sticky mess) and scoop a handful out taking care NOT to get any of the pack around the seal of the lid…or you’ll never open the jar back again.  Pack it in the hoof, set it down in the shavings, pick it back up, pack the shavings down firmly into the foot and done!  Those shavings are REALLY important to keep the pack in there…so don’t skip that step.  Not only does the pack keep manure, mud and pee soaked shavings out of your horse’s foot…it keeps a bunch of good stuff in next to the sole like iodine and turpentine.   Keep the pack in for 24-48 hours (though I have to admit I’ve left it in longer), clean and go again if needed!

I highly recommend Hooflex Magic Cushion and can’t go without it.  My only complaint is how expensive it is per use (and you better make sure and wear gloves and not get this stuff on anything…or you’ll regret it)!