C4 Belt Review

5 Reasons why C4 Belts are Awesome! A C4 Belt Review


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I was lucky enough last year to get to design my own belt for C4 for an article and afterwards they picked the design up to sell as part of their line.  Three more designs are on their list to release in the coming months from Decidedly Equestrian!  Exciting!

So that clearly leads to me doing a review of C4 Belts.  I have been wearing them for years after all…  I have two Retired Racehorse Project limited release belts, a fun unicorn one, a dressage one, a barn custom one and of course my first design now.  I also use their marble one for my show belt!  So I have currently 7 C4 Belts in my wardrobe…and I don’t see that accumulation slowing down.  Why?

C4 Belt Review

  1.  They are adorable!  There are a gazillion designs to choose from.  Pick your poison.  Dogs…got it! Ponies…got it!  Trendy colors and themes…got it!  Sporty…got it!  Classic…yup…those too!
  2. They are comfortable.  They have a bit of stretch to them because of the material, but are not so stretchy they wear out.  They are comfortable in the saddle and off and I’ve never had one complaint about them in that department.
  3.  They last forever and are easy care.  The material is hard-core.  No matter how many times I wear them…there’s no stretching belt holes.  No wearing out (other than the design eventually scratching off where you put the belt through the buckle.  They are waterproof, so no stretching out like leather!  They are easy to clean off (just wipe them off with a damp rag and done).  C4 Belts offers a LIFETIME guarantee on their belts and buckles for damage and a one-year guarantee on the decoration.
  4. They are super customizable.  Not only can you design the belt yourself, you can pick your buckle colors (and change them out at will), they have two different widths, AND they are made super long so you trim to fit what you need.  This has been extra handy for my recent pregnancy and my new belts.  I have kept them bigger than I would normally, but when I slim back down to normal I can trim them shorter and wear them still.  Perfect!
  5.  Your purchase gives back!  C4 Belts donates $1 from each belt purchase to a charity!  There’s a list on their website here to see who they have supported recently!

So there you have it!  If you haven’t given C4 Belts a try yet, now’s the time!  And of course I’d be neglectful in sharing the awesome if I didn’t suggest you check out the very on trend Decidedly Equestrian belt.  Look for our new designs soon!

C4 Belt Review