World Equestrian Games Tryon 2018

2018 Wrap Up

The year is over and 2019 has already started, so I suppose I’m a little late…but better late than never!  I wanted to wrap up some of our biggest and best this year with a year end breakdown.

Most Popular 2018 Posts:

1.  Etsy Holiday Finds

2.  Equihidz Review

3.  Cheata Trotter Bra Review

4.  Bullymake Box

5.  Retired Racehorse Project 2018

6.  Maiko Duchesse Company Spotlight

7.  Cheata Cool Cat Under Tight

8.  Hurtta Active Harness

9.  DIY Bit Butter

10. Tanner Jensen Artist Spotlight

My Favorite Products of 2018

1.  Cheata Trotter Bra and Cool Cat Tight

2. Sarm Hippique Show Shirt and Shadbelly

3.  Sterling Essentials Leather Cleaner

4.  Knotty Horse Detangler

5.  The Simple Equine Leather Balm and Calendula Salve

6.  Mackey USA Fly Mask and Fly Boots

7.  EZ Wash Wand

8.  The Equestrian Journal

9.  Hopkins Show Prep Polo Wraps

Sarm Hippique Elisa Show Shirt Review

Artists Profiled in 2018

1. Tanner Jensen

2. Mareish Media

3.  Abby Rose Heartworks

4.  Donna Bernstein

5.  Suzie Burgess

Artist Spotlight: Suzie Burgess

Companies Profiled in 2018

1.  Hopkins Show Prep

2.  The Equestrian Journal

3.  Maiko Duchesse

4.  Etalon Diagnostics

Maiko Duchesse Browband Review

DIY, Barn Tips and Lifestyle

1.  Showing – Why It’s a Mental Game

2.  Barn Hack: Rein Rubs

3.  DIY Custom Dyed Breeches

4.  9 Show Day Must Haves

5.  DIY Cookies for your Picky Horse

6.  How to Save your Washing Machine

7.  DIY Bit Butter

8.  Healthy and Fast Smoothies for Equestrians

9.  How to design your Dream Belt with C4

10.  Rolling with the Punches – Gratitude and Fortitude

How to Design your Dream Belt with C4


1. Charlotte Dujardin Masterclass at West Coast Dressage Festival

2. WEG Dressage Team Competition

3.  WEG Wrap Up

4.  Retired Racehorse Project TB Makeover 2018

World Equestrian Games Tryon 2018 Dressage