Your Best Life Goal Setting Guide from Decidedly Equestrian

Goal Setting Guide for 2019

The holidays are over, the new year is here and it’s time to dust off, get off your bum and decide what to make of yourself this year.  To make things easier, we have made a FREE Goal Setting work sheet you can download.  It’s 15 pages of awesome, 15 pages of thought-provoking exercises, and 15 pages towards the future you.  All that for free? Yup (well sorta!). All I want in trade is your email address so I can send you future awesomeness from Decidedly Equestrian to your inbox.  I’m not going to sell you any program and I promise not to send you too many emails (1-2 a month at maximum…and to be honest usually you’re lucky to get a couple a year because I’m just lazy with emails).   I just want to share what works for me in hopes that you can have an amazing year!  Sign up in the big purple box and you’ll be sent to a link to download your Goal Guide!  It’s that easy!

What makes me qualified to write a goal setting guide?  I’m pretty good at setting goals and achieving them!  For example, in 2017 I reached the following goals due to my planning and goal setting.  These are just a handful of the goals I achieved (the big ones).

My 2017 Goals Reached

– USDF Bronze by the end of the season and CDS Ruby. Go from 1st level to 3rd level in the show season successfully.  DONE!  I showed 1st, 2nd and 3rd level in 2017 and earned all the scores for my Bronze.  Beastmode right?

– Redo Decidedly Equestrian website by myself with new review system. DONE!

– Take an epic vacation with my husband.  DONE!

– Lose a minimum of 20 lbs and keep it off. DONE!

What about 2018 Goals Reached?

– Show at 4th level successfully and earn my CDS Sapphire – DONE!Show at the CDS RAAC (Regional Adult Ammy Challenge). Bonus…I won my class! – DONE!  Show PSG. – Done…though barely due to unforeseen issues out of my control unrelated to us actually being ready to do it.

– Learn to ride in a double bridle – DONE. Quiet my leg and fix my hand position – Improved.  Work on consistent bending and making asking for it a habit – Improved.  Better contact through my shoulders (not throwing the contact away) – Improved.  Improve the balance of relaxation/tenseness and forward – Improved. Ride other horses – Done (and a fancy one no less).

– Take two vacations/getaways not horse or family related. – DONE!

– Cycling – Almanor half metric century – DONE

– Read 5 books for pleasure and 5 for education in 2018. – DONE plus some!

And many more goals completed relating to this website, other clients, and other work and personal things! There were a few things I didn’t get done, but life does sometimes get in the way…and that’s Okay!

So there are a few big goals I set and reached in the last two years using the method in the Your Best Life Goal Setting Guide!  Want to see equal results?  Our Goal Setting Guide will direct you on your way.   It’s not so hard to be amazing with the right tools and mindset!

What are your big goals for 2019?

I’m so excited to share this with you and cannot wait to hear about your goals and results!  Please share your goals and results with me throughout the year on Instagram, Facebook or email me at [email protected].

I am here to support you and be your cheerleader this year while you’re out kicking some butt!

– Rachel

Your Best Life Goal Setting Guide from Decidedly Equestrian