EZ Wash Wand Review

Make Bathing Easy with the EZ Wash Wand

Ease of Use
Time Saving
Deep Clean

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I was SO excited to try out the EZ Wash Wand after seeing the booth at Horse Expo this year.  It looked like such a handy product and I was thrilled the offered to send one for me to try and review, and I was not disappointed!

At first glance, it looks pretty “lightweight” because it is VERY lightweight.  It’s made of feather light aluminum with a plastic handle.  But boy does it do some heavy duty work!  A quick hose down after a ride (or roll, or mudbath) is all it takes to get Spice (and Dulcinea) sparkling clean.  Removes dirt, mud, dander, sweat and all kinds of grossness without shampoo.  With shampoo it’s even better!  Lather up and rinse and you’re done!  No double (or triple) rinsing here…a quick pass and all the suds are out of the hair.

EZ Wash Wand Review

That means 2 things.

  1.  Using WAY less water (yay!  Conserving AND works!)
  2. Taking WAY less time (which is awesome if you have an impatient horse, or you need to wash in less than ideal conditions…winter…a rain storm…120 degree temps…whatever).

EZ Wash Wand Review

At first use, Spice was googly eyed and a bit concerned about the stick I was waving around, but once he realized that NO stray water ended up near his ears, he was in love.  He actually LIKES it when I use this to hose of his face (there is adjustable pressure on the EZ Wash Wand, so you can have lighter pressure for more sensitive areas).

EZ Wash Wand Review

It’s also excellent for keeping YOU dry and keeping YOU safe (imagine how easy to clean off those hard to reach places or those wounds your horse won’t let you come safely near).

It is also excellent for washing boots, pads and blankets too!  You can buy replacement parts too if needed, so you don’t need to worry about tossing the whole thing away if the nozzle breaks.

You can buy the EZ Wash Wand here or on Amazon here!