Our 12 Favorite Books for the Young Readers in Your Life

Our 12 Favorite Books for the Young Readers in Your Life

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For the little ones (0 – 8 years old):

The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses – Paul Goble – one of my childhood favorites.  Uniquely beautiful illustrations and a story any horse girl would relate to.

Fritz and the Beautiful Horses – Jan Brett – Stunning artwork with a great message.

Robert the Rose HorseJoan Heilbroner.  This kids classic about a horse with allergies that ends up the hero!

I Rode the Red Horse – Barbara Libby – Give your child the thrill of a lifetime reliving Secretariat’s Belmont from the saddle.

Books by C.W. Anderson – You can’t go wrong with these oldies but goodies!  The drawings are beautiful and the stories are fun!  Hard to find many of these in print, so if you find old copies…hold on to them!

Seabiscuit the Wonder Horse – Meghan McCarthy – relive the story of the most unlikely racehorse hero with funny illustrations!


For the young readers (and beyond) (8+ years old):

The Black Stallion (and series) – Walter Farley (almost endless reading on the adventures of The Black from a classic writer).

Misty of Chincotigue and other books from Marguerite Henry (Album of Horses, King of the Wind, White Stallions of Lippiza, Brighty of the Grand Canyon, Justin Morgan Had a Horse, and so many more) – So many great stories!

The Saddle Club Series – Bonnie Bryant.  A nearly endless amount of books for the tween group.  Lots of adventures!  One of my favorites was Secret of the Stallion…because a castle and a mystery…how does it get better than that?

Thoroughbred Series – Joanna Campbell.  Another nearly endless amount of books that the tweens will love!  I know I did when I was a kid.  Obsessed with the stories of Wonder and Ashleigh (and how this series matures as the protagonist does).

National Velvet -Enid Bagnold.  Doesn’t get much more classic than this.  This books holds up, no matter your age.

Into the Land of the Unicorns and series -Bruce Coville.  These fantasy classics will thrill the horse girl with a slightly more magical type of adventure.