Super Slick and Shiny with Showsheen Shampoo
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Convenience/Ease of Use9

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How did we go this many years without reviewing Showsheen Shampoo?  Good question!  I don’t have a satisfactory answer for you however other than, among all the other interesting shampoo products on the shelf this one never screamed out “Try Me!”  Well after recently being given a bottle, this shampoo is going to be added to my trunk for clipping season.  Why?  Well have a look at this?

Showsheen Shampoo Review

Spice’s coat had gotten quite long, and therefore QUITE dirty and was in bad need of a clip.  This bottle of shampoo came around at the right time to give it a try on it’s “make clipping easier” capabilities.  I’ve LONG used Showsheen Shine Spray for slicking up the hair before clipping, but I figured that using the shampoo would make it even better.  I was right.

The Showsheen Shampoo cleaned Spice with one application (and not a lot of elbow grease at that…) with no need of an additional conditioner.  Leaving him shiny, fluffy and SUPER soft.   His skin was happy and not irritated or dried out after the bath, which can sometimes happen.  A pass of Showsheen Spray to let dry on top of that and my clip job was the easiest it has ever been (with a couple year old blades no less).  The clippers slid through his hair easily taking off all that soft fluff in an instant.  Sad to lose the cute fluffy pony?  Of course.  Happy I could ride again without overheating Spice, absolutely.

I highly recommend you give Showsheen Shampoo a try before your next clip (or next show).  At a quite reasonable price per bottle, this stuff won’t break the bank and will give you plenty of sparkle and sheen!

Showsheen Shampoo Review