A Barn Storage Solution from Mackey USA
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Who has a lot of stuff for your horse?  Everyone right?  Anyone have anyone else besides them caring for their horse?  Yeah?  Me too.  The Bee Mine Hanging Tack Organizer from Mackey USA was one of those things I didn’t know I needed until I had it (thanks for sending one for us to try Mackey)!  Organizers always look useful…but I never really see them in use.  Why?  Not cute enough?  Not sturdy enough?  Pockets not helpful sizes?  Too much effort to keep organized? Probably all of the above.

Mackey USA Bee Mine Hanging Tack Organizer Review

At first I thought to myself…what should I do with this?  It was suggested I put it on the trailer door for travel storage or in the tack room on the door for everyone to use, but neither of those really did much for me in my day-to-day at the barn.  My choice?  Hanging on Spice’s stall (plus I get to show off how cute it is)!  Mackey provides two different attachment mechanisms for this organizer (straps with buckles and rings for attaching clips) which I find very thoughtful design.  The pockets also vary in size and seem to fit different items perfectly and other items perfectly.

Mackey USA Bee Mine Hanging Tack Organizer Review

Couldn’t I just keep the stuff in my trunk I put in the organizer?  Well no… because I keep that sucker locked after noticing a lot of “borrowing” going on.  All of Spice’s spare boots (that his lesson person uses) were kept in an open bucket next to the trunk.  Others need access to these boots, so I leave them out.  This organizer is a PERFECT place to keep his boots and hanging them here keeps them much cleaner and lets them air out better than the bucket solution did.  Also I keep additional tack cleaning supplies and first aid/skin care supplies in the organizer for his other caretakers to access with out full rummaging capabilities in my trunk.  Excellent.

Mackey USA Bee Mine Hanging Tack Organizer Review

This thing is SUPER sturdy as well, like the other Mackey products.  The mesh material is really tough and the elastic is solid as well and I’ve had no issues with any damage.  When I hose the organizer off, it still looks brand new.  Oh…and I can hose it off and let it dry quickly because it dries SUPER fast.  The backing material is extra heavy-duty and so are the straps/buckles.  I’ve had no issues with damage from Spice trying to “play” with the organizer and pulling on the straps.  It is pricier than similar products from other brands, but the quality and design are better than the others I have seen from other brands, so you get what you pay for!  The only thing I wish it had was a zipper pouch to contain easy to lose little things.

On top of all that, it’s adorable and matches all his other Bee Mine stuff from Mackey USA!  He’s been a bit of a trendsetter of course and I’ve seen several other Bee Mine attired horses at the barn as of late.  I cannot wait to see the next products in the line up coming soon (they’re working on blankets, rain sheets, a backpack and so much more)!  Exciting!

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