Keep Skin Nasties at Bay with Fungasol Spray
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Skin nasties.  Ick.  I do my best to make sure these never pop up, but I received a bottle of the Fungasol Spray just in time recently (thanks for sending one along to review Absorbine!).  Dulcinea came back to the barn after injury, surgery and a long recovery period at another facility and I was of course right on up on her ASAP.  She trailered in one day and the next Spice and I went to RAAC.  Did I think about cleaning the trailer between?  Nope.  Did I worry about my saddle billets touching both horse sides (even though I used different pads and girths)? Nope. Did I pay for that?  Yup.

Fungasol Spray Review

It became clear quickly that Dulcinea picked up some skin nasty on her travels as they opened up and hair started sloughing off during grooming.  Shortly after, Spice had tell-tell bumps show up on his neck, girth area and butt (where he had laid against the side of the trailer).  Eeek!  As you can see from the photo above, I DID NOT want Spice’s issue to turn into Dulcinea’s.

Fungasol Spray Review

The vet came out, gave us some medicated shampoo and we started treating both horses right away (and cleaned EVERYTHING).  The shampoo would kick it in the but for a couple of days, but then the bumps would pop back up on Spice (though they never got bad like Dulcinea’s).  I decided to add in the Fungasol Spray to the routine.  Daily spray of the affected areas and a spray on my girth, reins and billet straps after cleaning was added onto the the medicated shampoo rotation every few days.  While I was gone at WEG, I asked the person taking care of him for me to continue the routine even though his spots had cleared up (I didn’t want them popping back up while I was gone and getting out of control).  By the time I got back from WEG, the skin nasties were totally gone (as was about 2/3 of the bottle of Fungasol).   When I clipped him this week, there was no evidence that there had been a problem at all.  Smooth and shiny.

Fungasol Spray Review

Don’t worry, Dulcinea’s is all cleared up too now using a slightly more aggressive treatment.

Fungasol carries a spray, an ointment and a shampoo.  I like these products because they are gentle (gentle enough I didn’t mind spraying it on my tack), but still obviously effective.