How to Design your Dream Belt with C4

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Recently I had a conversation with C4 Belts about putting together an article.  A review seemed a bit boring and I honestly had already had one planned since I LOVE these belts.  I suggested something a little different – How to Design your Dream Belt with C4!  Did you know you could get customized belts?  Awesome right?!?  And even better, you can walk into your local C4 retailer and start the process right there! Very cool!

How to Design your Dream Belt with C4

Why get a custom belt from C4?  They are great for barn team uniforms, gifts for your barn mates, horse show awards (who doesn’t want a belt they can wear for placing first at a big show?), company/barn branding and countless other reasons.  The possibilities are limitless.  Not to mention having a limited edition belt that’s the envy of your barn friends is pretty killer.

Design and Order your Belt

How to Design your Dream Belt with C4How to Design your Dream Belt with C4

The process is easy.  Walk into your nearest C4 retailer and tell them you want to design a custom belt OR contact C4 directly.  If you’re not a designer, then you just send in what images or logos you want on the belt as well as some color and design ideas you like.  C4 will create digital mock ups for you and you can view then and make adjustments or approve the design to print.  Once the design is approved and you select your buckle colors, the belts go into production.  It’s that easy.

How to Design your Dream Belt with C4

If you’re a designer and want to do the work yourself (like I am), they can send you the design file to design your own belt.  I created my own original artwork by hand, digitized it, designed the belt and sent them the files to check over and ready for printing.  A lot more complicated, but I got exactly what I envisioned this way!  I know this method isn’t for everyone, which is why the design services are offered by C4 for everyone else!

How to Design your Dream Belt with C4

Technically they have no limits to what they can print.  Even my tricky watercolor/hand drawn horse came across just the way I wanted it too.  It looks like a work of art. There are a gazillion buckle colors available (so there’s something that will match your custom belt).  The customization offers other cool things as well like no C4 branding on the belt if you don’t want that and custom designed lids for your belt cases.

Once designed, ordering is quick and easy.  Just tell them how many belts you need.  Turn around was quick to since the printing is done in Atlanta, GA!  Once the design was in (it was in and approved in a couple of days), it was less than a week to get my belt in the mail on the other side of the country.  Excellent shipping and customer service there.  2 day rush turn around is available too for an extra fee.

How to Design your Dream Belt with C4


What about pricing?  Well of course that’s important!  There’s a 12 belt minimum order for custom belts.

Design set up fee – $25
Mock up/sample belt (optional) – $95
12 belts – $35 each
24 belts – $32 each
48 belts – $28 each
144 belts – $24 each
360 belts – $22 each.

You can order custom belts through your local C4 retailer (yup that means you can order your customized belt at your local tack store!) or of course at

And an exciting note:  While not initially the plan when starting this article, the Decidedly Equestrian designed belt will be sold on the C4 Website and in tack shops near you very soon!

And even better…we’ll be giving away two of these belts soon! Stay tuned!