Cheata Sleekifier Undertight Review

Cheata Sleekifier Tight Review


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I was sent a couple of Cheata undergarments to try during show season this year and a few months ago I reviewed the Cool Cat Undertight from Cheata and today I’m reviewing their other tight – the Cheata Sleekifier Tight!  

Cheata Sleekifier Undertight Review

What’s the difference?  Well the Cool Cat was created to help smooth the look of your legs under breeches and add some much appreciated medical grade compression to your ride without binding you up.  The Sleekifier has all that, but with added tummy control.  These actually work better with the Cheata Bra since they come up higher.  There is no line of demarcation for wayward tummy flub to show through like there is with the Cool Cat!  You can see how these particular tights work with the bra in the packaging above.

Score!  Like the other tights they help firm up your look (though I feel the leg compression isn’t as tight on these as in the Cool Cat version), increase muscle endurance for a long day of riding, and don’t stretch or get saggy after repeated wears and washes.   The quality is spot on.  After a number of wears both showing and schooling and machine washing these many times they still look and feel brand new.  Cheata Sleekifier Undertight Review

These tights are quite comfortable and do not restrict my movement in the saddle…at least for dressage and flat riding.  I’m not out there jumping…so who knows if you can jump a 5ft oxer in these comfortably…if you try it…let me know!  They have no uncomfortable seams to chafe either…which is fabulous…because a chafing seam always throws me off my game…  Thankfully, even on warm days they didn’t overheat me and I never thought “man I need to get these things off ASAP.”  I actually enjoy riding in these.  I personally prefer the Cool Cat over the Sleekifier Tights because I find them a bit harder to put on and take off than the Cool Cats and I think the Cool Cats do a better job of smoothing my cellulite (not by much though).  Unless you’re a youngster or a core training freak, then you probably will appreciate the Sleekifier Tights over the Cool Cat Tights for the extra core support.

I highly recommend the Cheata Sleekifier Tight for your riding camouflaging and compression needs!  They are so much better than any other riding brand (or non-riding brand) of shape-wear I’ve tried!  You can buy the Cheata Sleekifier Tight online here. Cheata Sleekifier Undertight Review