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There SO many things to haul with you to shows and so many are very important but entirely dependent on your discipline (like your saddle for instance!).  There are a few things that you’ll never see me without that I consider 100% must haves for making my show experience go smoother and easier (and work no matter what show I’m going to (except maybe the show shirt).  I have reviewed all of these products previously and thought I’d share my show day secrets with you!


EquiFUSE CFS Rehydrinse Review

CFS Shampoo and Rehydrinse from EquiFuse – To get the horse sparkling clean and shiny, nothing really beats the shampoo from EquiFuse and to keep that shine lasting for a couple of days, nothing really does the trick better than their Rehydrinse product.








Leather Therapy Wash & Restorer Review

Leather Therapy Wash – Nothing gets tack cleaner than this stuff…and it does it fast.  This is my go to cleaner for shows to get my tack spotless!






The Simple Equine's Solacing Warm Weather Comfort Spray ReviewThe Simple Equine Fly Spray and RepelX – I like to double up on my fly protection…especially for shows.  The first from The Simple Equine is an all natural essential oil based spray that really works.  The second is a classic…and in my opinion is they only poison based fly spray on the market that actually works.




Cheata Cool Cat Undertight Review Side by Side 2Cheata Trotter Bra and Cheata Tights – These are recent additions to my must haves and I cannot imagine showing without them now.  They hold everything in place and limit any jiggling (which so many of us need) while being super comfortable at the same time.




Ponytail Products Mane Stay -Forget quick braid…this stuff is my go-to for braids/banding.  This works much more like a hair spray and really keeps hairs in place.  Not to mention the bottle keeps on spraying until the very last drop.






StretchTec Shoulder Relief Girth ReviewStretch Tek Shoulder Relief Girth – I can’t imagine riding without this girth.  Spice moves so much better in it than his old straight girth that I can’t see myself ever going back.  Almost two years later this thing is still going strong.  They have jumping, dressage and western versions of their girths, so there is something to suit everyone.



Sarm Hippique Elisa Show Shirt ReviewSarm Hippique Show Shirt – Another new addition to my must haves…I am obsessed with this shirt.  While I have several show shirts, the last three shows in a row I’ve gone through the effort of stain treating, washing, air drying…just so I can wear it again the following weekend.  It’s seriously the most comfortable show shirt ever and probably my most comfortable shirt I own.  Wish I had a few more!






Mrs. Pastures ReviewMrs. Pastures’s Cookies – For Spicy (or any other horse) I always pack treats for a reward after a good ride.  Mrs. Pastures across the board is the perfect choice.  I’ve never had a horse turn away these cookies and almost all of them seriously love these!  I’m not sure what kind of magic they put in these, but I’ll keep buying them as long as they keep making them.




LaCroix Water and Luna Bars (Chocolate Mint or Lemon) – For me (and for my trainer) I always pack some LaCroix water and some Luna Bars for sustenance.  Nothing tastes better than a cold sparkling water after a ride and the Luna bars are great for a pick me up when the food at the show is lacking!

What are your show must haves?