The Simple Equine Off With That Barn Muck Body Scrub Review
9.3Overall Score
Quality Ingredients10
Skin Softening10
Scent and Texture9

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Over the last year I’ve done a series of reviews on the natural (and awesome) products from The Simple Equine.  The next product to be reviewed is the The Simple Equine Off With That Barn Muck Body Scrub.  After a long day at the barn or a weekend at a horse show we all need a little pampering and this product does the trick.

This body scrub rubs away dead skin and dirt and leaves behind skin soothing oils to keep you feeling soft and clean.  The peppermint essential oil gives an invigorating boost to your mood and keeps you smelling delicious as well.  Simply hop in the shower, scoop out the amount of product you want and rub it into your skin gently (or scrub the heck out of yourself if your a bad ass).  Then rinse and enjoy the results.   It’s also fabulous as a hand scrub after a hard day working outside.

The Simple Equine Off With That Barn Muck Body Scrub Review

This scrub is different from so many others because of what it lacks.  Big beauty’s “dirty dozen”  ingredients are nowhere to be found here!   This scrub is made of dead sea salt, kosher salt, epsom salt, canola oil, rice bran oil, peppermint essential oil, vitamin e, soybean oil and polysorbate 80 (which is a natural emulsifier).  Simple.  Clean.  Natural.

Pamper yourself and your horse the natural way.  Buy quality products and you can feel better about what you are putting on your horse, yourself and into the environment.  You can buy this product and look at the rest of the product line at The Simple Equine!