How to Pick a Wine for your Horse Show (Adult Amateur Edition)

Why pick your wine based on taste when you can pick it based on the label?  What gets more compliments as you’re downing a glass before your ride?  The taste of the wine (which you’re not sharing) or the gorgeous horse themed bottle!  Here are a few that go above and beyond your average horse labeled bottles!


Love drafty/cob types with lots of hair and feathers?  How about this small winery stunner!  I happened to meet the winery owners at a clinic (yup they were doing wine tasting)!  Doesn’t get better than that! Brave Horse Winery.








This one might be a little hard to find in your neighborhood, but isn’t the bottle to die for?  If you find it, tell me where and I’ll buy some bottles with you!








Feeling a bit nostalgic or just love Mary Poppins?  How about this beautiful bottle from Flying Horse Winery in Napa!








Like a little more color in your life?  Barrel racing this weekend?  How about this gorgeous label from Paint Horse Winery!  And a reasonable price?  And I can actually buy it?  Sounds good!  Who wants to go wine tasting with me?








If you need to REALLY impress and show off how much money you have laying around (if your horse, tack, show clothes, trailer, truck and groom don’t scream that already…) …you can drop $1,000 (yup ONE FREAKING GRAND) on this gorgeous bottle of what must be liquid victory from Ghost Horse Vineyards in St. Helena.  😉